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Carbon6 - Community
Carbon6 - Community
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Smarter Inventory Management

Avoid overstock and stockout with inventory management tools designed to protect profitability and fight back against Amazon fees. 
Discover SoStocked

Reimbursements & Profit Recovery

Reclaim lost profits from Amazon, identify and prevent lost capital, and manage margins better to become more profitable.
Discover Seller Investigators

PPC Optimization & Automation

Achieve peak Amazon advertising performance, save time, cut ACOS, and reduce frustrations with  streamlined  ad campaign management. 
Discover PPC Entourage

Data Powered Recommendations

Get accurate executive summaries using human-assisted machine learning, and practical suggestions and action items to improve and maintain business health.
Discover D8aDriven

Robust Dashboard
& Business Analytics

Simplify viewing and reviewing aggregated data with real-time alerts, streamlined reporting, and integrated, customizable dashboards.
Discover ManageByStats

Off-Amazon Advertising

Improve your organic rank with keyword suggestions, accurate retargeting, and tools designed to work with Amazon Attribution and Bonus Referral. 
Discover PixelMe

Listing Monitoring, Alerts & Optimization

Review, update, and optimize your listings with 24/7 monitoring, including customer reviews, inventory alerts, and more. 
Discover AMZAlert
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I have a logistics company, so I hear about all the nightmares so many sellers have been having, and SoStocked solved it all. It pulls the information I need to know my numbers! What I like is the combination feature. I can ship by ocean, but if I ship a little bit to keep stocking by air, and combine that with ocean freight, it’s a nice blend. I’m not killing myself, but it helps me know my numbers. If you’re going to be a serious seller, you definitely need to work with SoStocked.
Norm Farrar   |   Vision, Growth & Profit Strategist
Carbon6 - Norm Farrar
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I'm obsessed with the WallySmarter listing score. At my agency, we focus on optimizing and helping people rank and get to the first page. So I'm obsessed now with the fact that you can see all the products, the scoring, the [rating] faces. I love it
Michal Chapnick   |   Founder of eCom Creative Team
Carbon6 - Alex Upperman
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The most crucial tool for an Amazon seller in today’s competitive landscape – a must have! We just had our first coaching session with Gina, and we were blown away! SellerTools gives you so much power, it can even be a little intimidating. The customer success team gave concise, actionable feedback and put our team at ease. We came away with a clear action plan to execute on. I highly recommend both the SellerTools platform and their coaching services.
Kevin Rizer
Carbon6 - Kevin Rizer
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SellerTools has become a foundational tool for our company. We love that we can now rely on just one tool for keyword data, and the accuracy is unparalleled.
Alex Upperman
Carbon6 - Alex Upperman
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Very impressed with the business model of Carbon6. I think it's a real winner. There's tremendous opportunity with all the tools we have in place.
Jonathan Propper   |   Founder of Dropps
Carbon6 - Alex Upperman
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Before Christmas we saw a pile of suppressed listings and reacted before we went away on the weekend. That stuff is real, but the time to respond is on us. Putting up the alerts quickly is AMZAlert.
Jim Dyke   |   CEO & Cofounder at Trinity Group
Carbon6 - Alex Upperman
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Before SoStocked there was a degree of guesswork and it led to issues. You would have stock outs, inefficiencies in the supply chain, you would lose money. The Holy Grail that a lot of people always wanted is a tool that can give you some help, but still give you a degree of control.
Jon Greenwood   |   SoStocked Customer
Carbon6 - Alex Upperman
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It's about getting your time back and bandwidth. We just did not have the bandwidth. There's a major implementation to a new computer system going on and we just had no opportunity to go back and recover anything. And this just gave us the complete, you know, confidence that it would be done, done well. And we just started seeing money flowing right away. So it's always impressive when, you know, literally your first bill is after someone takes your money. And that's always a good thing is when you're paying bill out of it, paying the invoice out of money you've already collected as opposed to kind of on faith. So it was really, really impressive. To see the bandwidth and how fast they attacked the problem.
Gary Sullivan   |   President at Sullivan Direct LLC
Carbon6 - Alex Upperman

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