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Explore agency-tailored ad tech solutions to scale off-Amazon ads performance for clients.
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Grow, Scale, Profit:
Elevate Your Agency
with Our Tech Edge

Expand your agency solutions with bolt-on services
Get more out of your people with automations
Feed growth with newfound reimbursement dollars
Increase client retention with expert recommendations
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Generate New Business – Then Rinse & Repeat.

Everything you need to scale success for your agency and your customers.
From core business operations to profitability and growth, we have you covered.

Get Quick Wins

Take clients on a profit journey
Recover 1% to 3% of annual sales in a short period of time to fund new growth
Run our size tier optimizer across your entire client base to save thousands on FBA Fees
Implement operational efficiencies to improve inventory holding costs and advertising waste
Case Logs
100% Traceable
Carbon 6 Agency - Reimbursed

Get Reimbursed

20% more money back

  • Our case managers do twice the amount of
    recovery to get your more back
  • White-label and standard referrals available
  • 1P, 3P, and Hybrid solutions available

Get Refactored

Reduce FBA fees & inventory costs

  • Right-size products and packaging across your
    entire catalog or client base to save on FBA storage and
    shipping fees
  • Aggregate potential overstock risks to avoid surprise
    storage fees in the US market
  • Flag products that have been in stock for extended
    periods to avoid extra storage fees
Carbon 6 Agency - Refactored
Carbon6 Agency Get Ranked

Get Ranked

Launch faster & lead longer

  • Get your clients organically ranked within 60 days
    using the power of "off Amazon" ads
  • Defend postings or revive old rankings
  • Optimize for conversions using Google ads to enjoy
    positive ROAS and Amazon Rankings


Smart profitable PPC automations

  • Use smart pilot automations to deploy your genius
    across campaigns and clients
  • Use smart dayparting/weekparting features to
    mitigate low performance times
  • Optimize and expand your Amazon ads without
    complex spreadsheets
Carbon6 Agency Get Roas
Carbon6 Agency Get Roas
Carbon6 Agency Get Recommendations

Get Recommendations

Supercharge your data intelligence

  • Automatically pull your business data from a variety of
    sources into a single UI
  • Stay in control of client data with actionable weekly
    business summaries back by data

Unlock Your Full Agency Potential
with D8aDriven.

Launch, scale, and optimize client brands with data-backed
action and insights from D8aDriven!
Take action with weekly checklists powered by AI
and ML
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Optimize your operations based on weekly executive summaries
Access custom data points and KPIs in one streamlined dashboard
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We have a vision for what successful sellers need. That's why we've created best-in-
class tools alongside industry leaders, SaaS veterans, and successful brand-owners.
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