Ad Spend Audit

Maximize profits with data-driven ad optimization

Dive into your historical advertising data to identify opportunity to improve ROAS and reduce wasted ad spend.
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C6 Audit Maximize profits with data-driven ad optimization

What does the Ad Spend Audit cover?

Our Amazon Ad Spend Audit uses advanced technology to meticulously review your advertising strategy and performance, pinpointing areas of optimization for:
Total ad spend
Wasted ad spend
Productive ad spend rate
Low buffer stock & slow sellers
Zero-sale search terms/ASINs
SKU optimization
High-spend, high ACOS targets
High-spend, high ACOS search terms
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How it works:

Waste Reduction

We track and target keywords that are wasting your ad spend, and propose strategies to drive valuable traffic to your listings.


We analyze on a SKU, keyword, and target level to help you get more out of every advertising dollar spent.

Performance Improvement

Our goal is to improve your Productive Ad Spend Rate, boosting the overall efficiency of your ad campaigns.
C6 Audit How it works?
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