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Black Diamond Audit

A results-driven PPC and branding audit performed by Entourage's team of experts
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Black Diamond Audit

Have Entourage's team of advertising and branding experts review your brand, providing you with insights and actionable steps that will grow your business.
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Advertising Audit
  • Budgeting & Campaign Aging
  • Ad Types & Placements (all areas of the Customer Buying Cycle)
  • Match Types, & Targeting
  • Strategy Analysis
Branding Audit
Branding Audit

Analyzes the performance of your branding strategy and identifies gaps.

  • Storefront & Subpages
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Brand messaging and clarity
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
A SWOT Analysis will discover the internal strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Learn what you’re doing right, what you could do better, and what changes to make to see immediate results.

On your follow up call with us, we'll go over everything we found and provide you with recommendations for next steps.
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How A Black Diamond Audit Works…

  • Answer a few basic questions and schedule a call with our audit team.
  • On the call, we'll gain secure, view-only access to your account so that we can perform an in-depth analysis.
  • Our team will evaluate your existing advertising, your storefronts, product detail pages, and more.
  • Make changes, see results.

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