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July 14, 2023
Carbon6 Team
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The 11 Best PPC Tools to Kick-Start Your Amazon PPC Campaign

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Sellers need PPC to succeed on Amazon and beyond. In this article, we’ll spotlight the latest innovations from Carbon6 and list other PPC tools on the market. Get ready to dive in and supercharge your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Why PPC Ads are Important

PPC ads are essential for Amazon sellers as they provide a targeted and measurable way to reach potential customers, increase brand visibility, drive immediate traffic to product listings, and ultimately boost sales and revenue.

As a seller, you need to use PPC ads to get in front of your target market. However, managing PPC campaigns is complicated, and tracking and optimizing for high-converting traffic is almost impossible without the right tools.

These PPC tools assist sellers in operating, optimizing, and automating their PPC campaigns., saving them time and money. In this post, we will dive deeper into the best PPC tools for Amazon, first focusing on Carbon6’s latest updates to PixelMe and PPC Entourage.

What Are the Best PPC Tools Useful For?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a powerful strategy for Amazon sellers to boost visibility and drive sales. However, new sellers often find managing a PPC campaign complex. It involves bidding on keywords, monitoring campaign performance, and adjusting your strategy to maximize ROI.

Why PPC Tools are Important

PPC tools are software solutions that assist sellers in managing, optimizing, and automating their PPC campaigns. They offer features like campaign strategy, automatic keyword editing and suggesting, and quick bid-changing systems.

These features allow you to increase or decrease your ad bids based on your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) strategy in a single click, assisting with your Amazon PPC automation and saving time to ensure you can optimize your campaigns for the best performance.

Suppose you search for the best PPC tools for Amazon sellers on Google and find many “Top PPC Tools” lists, including Carbon6 tools. These lists are often outdated as they may not know what’s changed at Carbon6. Here we’ll give you the inside scoop.

Spotlight on Carbon6 Recent Innovations

In the spirit of transparency and fair competition, we know many other tools are on the market. We encourage customers to explore all options, confident knowing that our tools stand firm in comparison. 

First, let’s spotlight Carbon6’s latest innovations and offers, then look at more PPC tools on the market. 

Carbon6 offers several powerful PPC tools for Amazon sellers, including PixelMe and PPC Entourage. These tools optimize your PPC campaigns and drive more rank and sales.

1. PixelMe: Supercharge Your Off-Amazon Advertising

PixelMe is an advertising platform that simplifies and optimizes your campaigns to drive external traffic, boost your ROAS, and increase your rank. It tracks Amazon conversions from Google, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram ads.

The original powerhouse behind PixelMe is its retargeting capabilities, which is why brands like Sephora and UNICEF rely on it. The real magic, however, is PixelMe’s introduction to conversion-tracked campaigns from Google to Amazon, a recent innovation in the PPC tools industry. 

PixelMe is doing something nobody else does. PixelMe uses performance-based campaigns to optimize for conversions, not clicks, ensuring your efforts go further and faster. They do this by connecting your Amazon Attribution with Google Ads and using analytics data to track the sale from click to close.

Plus, PixelMe supercharges your rank on Amazon, guaranteeing results for brand owners, operators, agencies, and aggregators. With PixelMe, you can launch a product and know that you will get instant momentum in a TOS-friendly way.

PixelMe also features built-in AI to write and create campaigns even faster, and enables you to download exportable reports to manage your data however you like.  

For a limited time, PixelMe is offering a free audit for 2 of your ASINs. Find out how PixelMe can 3x your Google campaign performance and skyrocket your rank.

“With PixelMe, we can launch a product and know that we’re going to get momentum instantly in a completely TOS-friendly way.” – Gabe Klingman, 7-Figure Amazon Seller, and Advisor

2. PPC Entourage: Simplify Amazon PPC Management

PPC Entourage is user-friendly and straightforward, designed for sellers who don't want to spend hours analyzing data. 

The software simplifies Amazon PPC management and automation by offering features like a quick bid-change system that enables one-click bid adjustments, a Bulk Engine to manage campaigns easily, and the all-new Smart Pilot.

The Bulk Engine manages all your Amazon advertising campaigns simultaneously, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. It allows you to optimize multiple campaigns and ad groups with a single click, managing bids, budgets, search terms, placements, and more in bulk, aiming to reduce wasteful spending and improve ROI.

The all mew Smart Pilot is an automation tool for Amazon advertising that enables the application of an automation template across multiple campaigns in less than 15 seconds. It enhances communication and automation between ad types, provides in-depth metrics for better decision-making, and features individual dashboards for each campaign and product for easy optimization.

Mike Zagare, the founder of PPC Entourage, has created a demo video explaining all the new features in PPCEntourage 3.0. Watch the demo here.  

Plus, try out all the features with a free, 14-day trial to PPC Entourage [Get started.]

“This is the most powerful Amazon Ad software that I have ever come across.” – Ben Cummings, Amazon Expert & 7-Figure Seller

Check out Clayton Atchinson and Mike Zagare’s 7 Tactics to Prep Your PPC Workshop here: 

A Look at Other PPC Tools 

While Carbon6’s PPC tools are revolutionizing the ecommerce industry, we know other tools in the market offer unique features and benefits. Here are a few:

1. ZonTools: Another product from Carbon6, ZonTools, is an affordable and effective tool that enhances Pay Per Click conversion rates. Using proven tactics, ZonTools can decrease Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) while creating more advertising revenue for Amazon Sellers.

2. Teikametrics: This tool empowers sellers to manage their Amazon PPC campaigns. Sellers can benefit from additional services, including in-house expert advice and precise data.

3. SellerApp: This Amazon PPC management tool for Amazon merchants helps you reach your target ACoS by going through the campaign data in minutes.

4. Pacvue Commerce: Enterprise suite for ecommerce advertising.|

5. Perpetua: ecommerce advertising software with automated campaigns.

6. Ad Badger: Amazon campaign management with automation and optimization tools.

7. RevenueWize: Amazon Campaign Manager and budget analytics.

8. Trendle: Offers Amazon sellers a suite of features and automated PPC campaigns.

9. BidX: Automates Amazon Ads and campaign management.

Tracking Clicks To Conversion

PixelMe is the only tool that tracks clicks from Google and other external platforms to Amazon, allowing optimization for high-revenue keywords and ads. By doing this, PixelMe helps you increase your rank and earn more TOS-friendly sales while increasing your ROAS and creating a “Halo effect” that lifts all your keyword ranks.

Amazon PPC campaigns can be a powerful tool for increasing visibility and driving sales on Amazon. However, managing these campaigns can be complex and time-consuming. By leveraging the power of PPC tools like PixelMe and PPC Entourage from Carbon6, sellers can automate and optimize their campaigns, saving time and money, and driving more sales.

How To Choose The Best PPC Tool

At Carbon6, we’re confident in our tools' quality and effectiveness. Still, we understand that every business has unique needs and may find value in different solutions. That’s why we’ve included a look at other top PPC tools in the market. We trust you to make the best decision for your business and are ready to support you every step of the way.

Ready to start optimizing your campaigns? 

Sign up for a free ASIN audit to see how PixelMe can help you skyrocket your rank and 3x your campaign performance. Start your free audit here.

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