August 1, 2023
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5 Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales with CVR Marketing and Targeted Personalization

5 Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales with CVR Marketing and Targeted Personalization
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Every ecommerce business owner is challenged with a few major goals: increasing sales, improving conversions, and selling more of their products. 

One important step to boost your online sales is CVR marketing and personalization. 

1. Understanding CVR Marketing and Personalization

What is CVR marketing? 

CVR, or Conversion Rate, is a term used in online sales and ecommerce. It tells you the percentage of site visitors that ultimately convert – i.e. complete a purchase. CVR marketing is about improving that percentage, and personalization is one of the best strategies for getting this done. 

Think of CVR marketing as the art of persuasion for online visitors. Every time someone lands on your page, you must convince them to make a purchase. 

Want to learn more? Check out our free infographic, Conversion Rate 101.

2. Personalization on Amazon FBA

Personalization in marketing is where you tailor your message to the target audience based on demographic or specific user data, to create highly targeted messaging that is more likely to improve your CVR. 

As an Amazon FBA seller, you can tailor your content to your target customer by taking their language, keywords, and demographics into account. 

You may not have total freedom as you would on your own website, but you can still significantly optimize your CVR marketing. For example, understanding and optimizing for your customer journey can help you create targeted ads and high-converting product listings. 

How To Implement Personalized Customer Experiences

When thinking about boosting your product sales, it’s important to empathize with your customers. Understand their daily activities, what led them to you, and their thoughts before landing on your page. 

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Once you’ve uncovered some options, you can use CVR marketing methods and personalization to boost your sales. Here’s what that might look like. 

Customize landing pages: Create custom landing and product pages for specific customer journeys. These virtual red carpets should walk your customer right to the product they are looking for. 

Retargeting: That feeling of déjà vu when browsing online, or the creepy feeling that someone is following you around with their messaging; that’s retargeting. You can use this to remind customers of their interest in your product and give them a window to buy when previously you may have lost them forever. 

Deep-Linking: This is a more technical method specifically for Amazon FBA sellers, where you create links for affiliates and social media promotions that lead customers directly into the Amazon app so you have a better chance of converting them into sales. 

With PixelMe, you can discover your highest-converting keywords, then personalize your listing to target those keywords organically. If you want data-backed keyword recommendations, get started with a free ASIN audit, and we’ll analyze your listings to reveal where else you could be ranking higher.      

 3. Optimize Every Product Listing for Personalization

Optimize your CVR marketing and conversion rates
Optimize your CVR marketing and conversion rates

Each product listing is like a virtual window display. There’s a reason shops pay thousands for an attractive window display; it gets people in the door. 

For an online listing, your window display is your title, main image, and high-converting bullet points or taglines. 

To perform deep competitor and keyword research, you can use SellerTools by Carbon6. The SellerTools Chrome extension helps you personalize your message and improve your conversion rates by finding even more revenue-generating keywords and giving you exclusive metrics to get real insights for your brands.

Here are three elements of your product listings you can add more personalization to based on the customer journey: 

  • Titles: Write using your target customers' search query keywords and language they would use. 
  • Images: Show how your target customer will use your product and show a clear visual of your product, so the target customer knows this is what they are looking for. 
  • Description: Your product description must use the keywords your customers search for and speak to their customer journey.

When your target customer comes to your page and sees all these elements that relate to their personal experience, it will increase your likelihood of converting, boosting revenue and CVR. 

If you want more insights and recommendations for your business, try D8aDriven by Carbon6. D8aDriven provides AI-powered marketing tools and listing-level recommendations, along with prioritized tasks and actionable to-do lists to help you increase sales in your ecommerce business.

4. Leverage Tools for CVR Marketing

For Amazon FBA sellers, you can create ads using Amazon Advertising that target specific audiences and searches, giving you a greater chance of converting them to a sale. 

After visitors leave your page, you can use retargeting tools like PixelMe to capture and remind them to complete their journey. 

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5. Optimize the Customer Journey with Personalization

Personalization exists across the entire customer journey. We’ve looked at some methods to improve the CVR marketing of specific product listings, but it’s important to consider it across the entire sales process. 

When you first advertise to a customer, that’s your first chance to personalize. You can personalize ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms and target users based on location, interests, income, education, etc. 

When customers land on your page, it should display personalized copy to that target audience. If you’re running your own website, you can personalize a customer's experience even further by showing geo-specific messages, offers, and products based on their location. 

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Retargeting To Recapture Your Audience & Boost CVR Marketing

After the customer leaves your page, you can personalize advertising to them using retargeting, which only shows your ads to people who landed on your page before. 

When the sale is complete, you can personalize customer emails and messages that cross-sell, upsell, or provide personalized customer experiences so you get more and better reviews, further improving your conversion rates. 

The Key To Boosting Your Online Sales

Keep in mind that optimizing your CVR marketing and using personalization based on your customer journey isn’t a one-off task. You’ll have to monitor your metrics and keep experimenting and adjusting your strategies to see what works for each product or brand. 

If you’re to take action on these methods, PixelMe can help by finding the best organic keywords to help you rank your products on Amazon. The team will run an in-depth audit of your two top ASINs and give you the best keyword opportunities to target your customers and optimize your listings for the conversion rate.

Get started with a PixelMe audit here and discover where you could be ranking.

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