August 31, 2023
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AI in Business: How To Find the Right Tools to Make Selling on Amazon Easier

AI in Business: How To Find the Right Tools to Make Selling on Amazon Easier
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has sprung up seemingly overnight, making waves in everything from content creation to predictive analytics.

The truth is, AI technology has been in development for quite a while.

Engineers have been working behind the scenes, creating iteration after iteration, with the technology never quite “there” enough to make a splash. 

But this work has led to our current moment: a full-fledged AI boom.

With the rising availability of massive amounts of data, increasingly clever machine learning algorithms, advances in computing power, and the convergence of AI with other advanced technologies, we suddenly have what amounts to a revolution.

By now, you're certainly aware of it.

The question is: Are you taking advantage of it?

Opportunity Knocks for AI in Business

In a technologically advanced ecommerce environment in which artificial intelligence seems to be taking over, where does a business owner even start?

Where are the low-lift, high-impact opportunities to integrate AI into your marketing mix to drive greater ROI?

Start by focusing on these immediate value-driving ways to use AI:

  • Generate content.
  • Create graphics and product imagery.
  • Access more precise automation.
  • Analyze your competitive peer group.

Each of these actions requires some form of AI software tool, and each represents a host of specific tasks. Content generation, for example, might include email marketing campaigns, product descriptions, blog writing, or social copywriting. You could handle these tasks manually, but using AI can help you ideate, identify keywords, form a distribution strategy, and more — time- and effort-saving essentials.

The trick to focusing on these areas is determining exactly how to incorporate AI into your business processes without gumming up workflows.

Types of AI Tools To Help You Get Creative

You might feel like the AI wave is currently cresting, but it’s nowhere near too late to get up on your board.

The way most business owners are surfing the waves? Through content generation.

In fact, ChatGPT — the premier content generating tool out there — has garnered more than 100 million users already. Many best-in-class marketing softwares are already integrating ChatGPT into their processes; PixelMe, for example, uses ChatGPT to auto-generate keyword optimized headlines and descriptions for Amazon product listings.

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Other popular and highly useful AI services include:

  • DALL-E 2: A text-to-art generator that creates unique and high-quality images in seconds based on a text prompt.
  • Jasper.ai: An AI-powered writing assistant that helps you produce content up to 10 times faster than through manual processes.
  • Tome: An ideation AI that generates compelling and engaging outlines, stories, and presentations from a text prompt.
  • Lumen5: An AI-powered video creation tool that lets you quickly produce short and engaging videos from scratch.
  • SecondBrain: An AI platform that enables users to create ChatGPT-like bots with specialized knowledge about your business.

Within the world of AI, there are a number of ways to get creative. With SecondBrain, for example, you can make your own chatbot using content from web pages, PDFs, text docs, and more. If you have your own site, you can embed your newly trained chatbot to provide real-time customer support.

Making AI part of your overall business strategy is limited only by your imagination.

Where Technology Meets Strategy

Transformational technology requires strategic transformation

AI offers opportunities even beyond using pre-existing software to generate text and images. If you’re up for it — or you want to hire someone who is — you can incorporate AI into custom business processes.

Amazon’s Bedrock toolkit, for example, allows you to build your own chat bots and other tools to enhance the efficiency — and the profitability — of your Amazon business.

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So, what’s the right mix of AI tools?

How and where you integrate AI into your business operations depends on your needs, your comfort level, and your readiness to embrace these new technologies. Minimally, content generation solutions are relatively easy to implement and can save you time and resources.

As you get used to the technologies and continue broadening your brand, bringing AI into more aspects of your Amazon business will only improve your bottom line. As you progress, focus on one main goal: bringing in the right tools to help you advance your ever-evolving business strategy.

Want to learn more about launching a successful product strategy using AI? Check out this 6 Minutes with Carbon6 interview featuring Amy Wees of Amazing at Home: 

A Brave New Tech-Enhanced World

While AI has been evolving steadily for decades, the technology has recently passed a sort of threshold, reaching a point where it’s become uncanny enough, capable enough, and, most importantly, useful enough to grab the attention of the world.

Is it too late to seize the opportunities AI offers? 

Not at all. We’re still on the cusp of things, and regular advancements in AI technology provide an ever-increasing number of use cases for business owners.

The AI revolution is only getting started — now is the time to start strategizing about and implementing your business-boosting solutions.

AI Has Arrived — But Everything Else Is Still Here

We've said it before: AI doesn’t change the basics of business itself.

The tools you currently use to optimize your operations and drive profits remain vital to your expansion.

AI, like those profitability tools, is an enhancer, not a replacer.

With the right combination of tools — along with a viable AI strategy — you build a better, more profitable machine. One that works for you.

Carbon6 exists to provide those tools. Our ecosystem of ecommerce solutions boasts a wealth of services and software designed to help sellers succeed.

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