October 31, 2023
David McDaniel
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Amazon Holiday Sales: How Can AI Help Boost Your Profits This Season?

Amazon Holiday Sales: How Can AI Help Boost Your Profits This Season?

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Did you realize this is the first peak Amazon holiday season following the AI explosion of earlier this year?

This will be our first major shopping crunch with AI in wide use.

What the presence of this incredible new technology will mean for Amazon sellers has yet to be seen. Our prediction is that sellers who make use of AI will come out on top this year, and likely every year hereafter.

Which begs a more important question:

How can you make maximum use of AI to boost your sales – and your profits – this holiday season?

Speed = Power

In physics when you double the velocity of something you quadruple its power. The same holds true with most forms of action, including business expansion.

Want to quadruple the output of your Amazon enterprise? Move faster.

Exactly where AI excels. By letting you offload key business processes – and accomplish them in less time – AI brings the ability to rapidly accelerate how you run your operation. No longer do you need to spend tedious man-hours carrying out tasks that, until only very recently, had to be done by a person.

AI is the new wonder-tool.

We’ve been talking a lot about this technology of late, and for good reason. Used properly, AI can significantly impact your production for the better.

It’s a simple formula:

Increased Production = More Sales = More Profits

Margins for each unit determine your profits, of course, but if those margins are affected by costs such as man-hours, a viable AI strategy not only helps get that sales volume up, but by reducing costs it also reduces the margins on each unit.

Leading to cascading success across the board.

Ways To Do It

As with all new things, when a better/faster way to get results replaces an old one, it tends to free up time.

We say “free up time” because that’s the way to look at these sorts of advances. Everything positive that’s happened throughout human history has happened because we created more time for us to do more things.

Resources freed by the application of AI can be redirected toward growth. New ways to expand your business.

AI has the ability to take on things like:

  • Generating creative content
  • Helping with Designs for branding and marketing
  • Social media creatives
  • Advertising bid management

Generate more content, more ads, drive traffic from both on and off Amazon.

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Adding AI helps beef up your operations. Quickly.

For the holidays, where speed matters more than at any other time of the year, adoption of AI this season can prove vital.

Creatives: Your Key To Sales

With a little oversight, AI turns out your holiday creatives faster and more efficiently than ever before. This area, in particular, is where AI is growing the fastest.

Many tools exist to help generate content for your brand, including writing landing pages, ads, and other types of sales copy.

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Your brand story, as you know, is key to the image your business projects, and as such can significantly influence sales. To that end AI can also be used to refine the creatives for your brand – a particular opportunity during the holidays.

Exposure for your products and brand during this season is high, with customer traffic greater than at any other time of the year. Your products will be viewed by more shoppers than usual, meaning you’ll have a chance to refine your image and showcase it for the world, building brand loyalty in the process.

See this list of tools for inspiration finding your next AI assistant.

Increase Your Profits This Season

A big factor in your profit equation, of course, is increased fees over the holiday shopping season.

It’s no secret the impact Amazon holiday fees have on your profits. As they cut into your margins during this high sales period, they need to be factored into your planning.

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That “Related” article on Peak Fulfillment Fees, by the way, also includes a free white paper that thoroughly breaks down what to expect, how to plan for these fees and, the best part, how to reduce their impact.

We’ll include a separate link for the white paper here, in case you want to go to it direct:

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In all this the objective is to take maximum advantage of the increased shopping activity happening on Amazon and across retail at large this time of year, while overcoming setbacks such as holiday fees.

Make AI part of that effort. The results will show in your profit and sales.

Home For The Holidays: Save A Plate For AI

The holidays are a busy time of year. Friends and family, office parties.

You’ve been thinking of inviting AI for dinner. Now may be the time to do it.

Don’t wait till the New Year, or, worse, some time down the road.

Why not make AI part of the festivities now? Get to know it, sooner rather than later. Eventually AI will be part of the annual guest list, there with the rest of your usual revelers, wearing its ugly holiday sweater, adding to the conversation and generally being part of the fun.

We say make AI welcome company this holiday season, before the eggnog’s gone. It may not ever be the life of the party (that’s your job), but it will definitely fill out that guest list nicely.

Note: We have an entire new section of our blog dedicated to AI & Automation. See if any of the articles there catch your fancy. Our goal is to help you understand more about this valuable new contributor to business productivity.

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