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July 23, 2022
Carbon6 Team
Carbon6 Team
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AMZAlert Brings New Upgrades with Carbon6 Partnership

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In early 2022, Carbon6 welcomed AMZAlert into its product suite. 

With dozens of alert types, customizable UI, and tracking competitor ASINs, since its inception, AMZAlert has become the most trusted alert and monitoring tool in the Amazon ecosystem for successful Amazon sellers.

By joining Carbon6, the AMZAlert community gains access to a more expansive hub of education and tools that can help them bring their businesses to new levels of growth and success.

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AMZAlert is now a part of the Carbon6 product suite
“AMZAlert is a godsend! It gives me and my clients peace of mind to know someone is watching over our listings when we’re not. In fact, AMZAlert makes it so we don’t have to hover over our listings like we used to.”

— Janelle Page, Co-Founder and CEO of Amazon Wranglers

What’s new with AMZAlert?

With full access to the resources of Carbon6, the AMZAlert team has been on a non-stop grind to bring even greater value to sellers and their businesses. They have recently released some amazing new features including:

  • Integration with Slack, Jira, and ClickUp to easily manage notifications, as well as custom Product Groups to stay organized.
  • AMZ Listing Analyzer to rate product Listing Health, and Keepa integration to monitor activity
  • Enterprise-level support & onboarding to meet sellers needs at every stage of growth

What you need to know, when and where you need it

The goal of AMZAlert has always been to save hours of your time, freeing you to focus on higher value activities. That’s why the team has developed over 25 different types of alerts. Users can keep up to date on any changes in Sales & Marketing, Amazon Reviews, and Product Listings, including suppression alerts for out of stock or redirected items. 

Whether it’s a single seller doing everything on their own, or it’s an enterprise managing several accounts with a team of sub-users, AMZAlert’s collection of tools allows sellers to address listing issues lightning fast to prevent lost sales.

Accommodating every stage of growth

Every business has its own particular needs, and those needs change as a business scales in size. AMZAlert offers three different pricing models, so you can get exactly what you need, but don’t pay for features you won’t use.

New seller

The entry-level tier gives you full access to product, review, and sales alerts. This also includes the Listing Analyzer, BSR tracking, and Keepa integration, among others. The monitoring interval is every 24 hours. 

Advanced seller

At the next level up, sellers gain access to unlimited scheduled reporting, which will make sure that the most up-to-date information gets to the people who need to see it. Monitoring intervals also drop down to only 4 hours, giving you several updates every day.

Elite seller

The Elite Seller plan includes updates every single hour and 6 sub-user accounts to outfit an entire team. Equally importantly, this tier adds API connection, as well as Slack and Jira integration. With this top-of-the-line offering, sellers have access to enterprise-level power.

What’s Next?

With AMZAlert now under the Carbon6 umbrella, users can expect to see new great features added to the collection of tools that bring sellers to the top 1% of the industry. The full Carbon6 suite offers synergistic products that empower private label, wholesale, and merch sellers.

To begin protecting your listings 24/7/365, check out AMZAlert’s full feature list today.

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