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August 11, 2022
Carbon6 Team
Carbon6 Team
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Carbon6 Adds PPC Entourage to its Expert Product Ecosystem in Latest Acquisition

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PPC Entourage, a tool to maximize Amazon ad revenue and improve profit margins, has been acquired by Carbon6.

Adding PPC Entourage to the Carbon6 ecosystem enhances the expert suite of products that Carbon6 is building to radically improve the rate of success of businesses online, according to Justin Cobb, CEO of Carbon6.

“We want  to make building a highly profitable ecommerce business manageable and enjoyable,” said Cobb. “With its innovation and results-driven leadership, PPC Entourage represents what we want to add to the Carbon6 family.”

before/after PPC Entourage logo
PPC Entourage before/after Carbon6 acquisition

PPC Entourage founder Mike Zagare will join Carbon6 in a leadership capacity, supporting the development of its customer success organization, and continuing to advance the Entourage platform.

“I started Entourage in 2015 because I wanted a way to grow and scale my Amazon business. Now, thousands of sellers have experienced amazing growth with the help of our tools and services. We joined forces with Carbon6 to serve the needs of Amazon sellers at every stage of their journey."

PPC Entourage brings their Entourage 2.0 software to this community of serial entrepreneurs, SaaS veterans, and some of the smartest thinkers in ecommerce.

What’s New?

The most recent updates, built and distributed by the Carbon6 development team, have included several new features to help sellers realize their goals while saving time and money. 

Immediately, users will notice the increased speed of the Entourage 2.0 website. Combined with the redesigned and reorganized UI, these two optimizations make it a breeze to find what you need and get tasks completed quickly.

Other time-saving upgrades were introduced in Smart Pilot, the proprietary ad automation tool. For one, all ad types are now recognized (Sponsored Display, Sponsored Product, and Sponsored Brand). Updates have also been integrated to the placement optimization feature within the tool.

The most prominent change has been the optimized Bulk Engine, which has been streamlined into one screen with 3 tabs: Bulk Optimization, Bulk Expansion and Target Search. For a detailed list of what improvements can be found in those tabs, read the in-depth breakdown of Managing Amazon Ads in Bulk.

Features in the Works

We’re currently developing new features that will continue to improve PPC campaigns and branding. Expect to see these updates announced soon:

  • Bulk Creator: Create dozens of campaigns at once without the stress of using spreadsheets or bulk uploads
  • Advanced Reporting: Understand your brand in-depth, and at scale
  • Advanced Target Opportunity Finder: Utilize Amazon’s API to target new high-interest audiences

Integration with other tools in the Carbon6 ecosystem

Committed to Your Success

With a smooth transition completed, the Carbon6 team is at work every day to give sellers the best opportunities for growth and success. If you’re interested in optimizing and automating your PPC campaigns, explore PPC Entourage today and see how you can improve your results and save hours at the same time

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