January 23, 2024
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Unlocking New Audiences: A Guide to Amazon Non-Endemic Advertising

Unlocking New Audiences: A Guide to Amazon Non-Endemic Advertising

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Let’s kick this off with a definition.

Non-Endemic = Not native to a thing (endemic meaning “native-to”).

When it comes to advertising on Amazon, that means advertising goods and services on Amazon that are not found for sale on Amazon.

That’s the non-endemic advertising definition.

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What would be the advantages to advertising a thing in a place where it isn’t sold?

You can probably think of a few. In this post we’ll take a deeper look, plus give you tips on how to use non-endemic ads to maximum advantage.

Non-Endemic Retail Media Advertising

What is non-endemic advertising?

This type of advertising is not new to the advertising industry, but it is new to Amazon.

Carbon6’s PPC Entourage has been leading the charge for Amazon sellers when it comes to tools and services for this exciting new opportunity.

Typically non-endemic ads are used to promote a product or service from a brand that isn't sold by the retailer where the ad appears, but is relevant or complementary to the retailer's customer and their needs.

In a sense this is a no-brainer for a retailer the size of Amazon. Amazon’s audience is so broad, just about any brand, from auto dealers to local restaurants, can benefit from exposure on the platform.

And so it is.

The concept of reaching your audience where they might want your goods or services goes back far into history. With the rise of online shopping, however, along with the rise of an increasing selection of distractions demanding shopper attention, technology is now being used more and more to laser-focus the product your consumer needs when – and where - they’re most likely to respond.

The trick, of course, is targeting.

The DSP Connection

DSP, or Demand Side Platform, is the concept of allowing an advertiser to buy advertising with the help of automation. It allows automatic bids on display, video, mobile and search ad inventory, from a wide range of publishers across a wide variety of platforms.

In 2018 Amazon launched their own version of DSP.

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Amazon DSP offers:

  1. Precise Targeting Options
  2. Diverse Ad Formats
  3. Advanced Optimization Features

It’s a perfect way to capture non-endemic audiences.

Amazon DSP enables advertisers to leverage Amazon's massive data trove to maximize results, making use of insights based on billions of observed shopping patterns across the customer decision journey.

A huge advantage, no matter how you slice it.

Advantages & Demands

New awareness of consumer behavior has prompted a rise in non-endemic marketing, with tools like Amazon DSP providing the means to do it. Reaching them where they live, where they shop, where they game, where they watch ... all routes can now be tapped into.

Each of us is part of this evolving ecosystem, whether consumer or seller.

As a result there are demands. Creativity in advertising is now at a premium. Even as brands seek new and better ways to target and reach consumers, those same consumers are becoming more and more aware of being advertised to.

A bit of a double-edged sword.

Advertising is becoming more savvy, yes, but so too are the people seeing (and often skipping or ignoring) those ads.

Sellers must therefore look for increasingly creative ways to engage their audience.

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Amazon non-endemic advertising is a great way to get creative (see the section “An Example” below). Such ads introduce a shock to the system. Seeing an ad for a car on Amazon, for example, will make most people stop and take notice.

This sort of non-endemic presence puts the avantage back in the advertiser’s court. While at the same time giving the customer what they genuinely need.

Then there’s Sponsored Display.

Sponsored Display

Amazon Sponsored Display ads enable brands to engage with potential customers throughout their purchase journey – and now Sponsored Display is available whether the brand sells on Amazon or not.

Making Sponsored Display for non-endemic advertisers a strong alternative to DSP.

Carbon6 has the edge when it comes to this specific kind of Sponsored Display ad. Our PPC Entourage service offers a strategic advantage, allowing you to advertise outside of your normal audience, platform, or content.

Advantages of Amazon such non-endemic advertising include:

  • The ability to geo-target; showing ads specific to the user’s location.
  • Boosting product visibility.
  • Expanding audience reach.
  • Tapping new markets.

Among others.

Taking your products into non-endemic environments is a profitable advertising strategy.

Practical Advice for Non-Endemic Brands

Whether you’re:

  • A Seller
  • An Agency
  • An Aggregator

building your brand depends on unlocking new audiences.

Tapping into Amazon’s DSP is the best way to bring this ideal to life.

Amazon DSP offers a wide range of targeting options, such as:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Contextual
  • Behavioral

All of which allow non-endemic advertisers to target specific audiences with precision, reaching them at the right time and place.

Some practical advice would be to:

  • Know your demographic.
  • Imagine their POV (point-of-view) when crafting your creative content.
  • Consider ways to create a customer experience, if possible.

That last might be something like running a challenge or contest for your product, while using that to generate interest and sales.

Many, many brands are adopting non-endemic advertising.

An Example

Non-endemic advertisers include anyone advertising a product or service on a platform where that product is not then sold.

A few broad examples of non-endemic brands using Amazon DSP would be:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Automotive Companies

Those are a few general non-endemic advertising examples.

For a specific example let’s take a look at Cheetos.

There are lots to choose from. We happen to like Cheetos.

Cheetos wanted to expand their audience of loyal Cheetos-loving customers to reach snack-loving, new-to-brand millennials.

A perfect example of endemic vs non-endemic advertising.

Using Amazon Ads they:

  1. Identified key customer insights.
  2. Built a creative strategy to reach their target audience.
  3. Took advantage of Amazon DSP to craft their campaigns.

See the full story (and others, if you’re interested) here:

Cheetos Mac-N-Cheese Reaches Millennial Audiences With Amazon Ads

Conclusion: The Rise of Amazon Non-Endemic

As attention-spans grow shorter and the demand for that diminishing attention grows greater, solutions that work increasingly well for both seller and consumer will be the ones that succeed.

Advertising that appeals to the consumer, by appearing right-place right-time, targeted to be as relevant as possible, which then builds engagement, which then, in turn, brings in new audiences, thus expanding the reach of brands …

This is the future.

With it comes increased complexity, no doubt, but as technology advances so, too, do the tools and resources to make it work.

We can help.

PPC Entourage is here to assist with your Amazon non-endemic advertising needs. Whether non-endemic Amazon ads or non-endemic Amazon ads for Agencies, we stand ready to help you both:

  1. Understand this valuable new method of advertising, and
  2. take advantage of the advanced technologies that will elevate your brand awareness and boost sales.

It’s the dawn of a new era. Let us help you unlock the new audiences that will take your brand to the next level.

“Amazon’s non-endemic advertising opens new doors for brands. It’s not just about selling on Amazon anymore; it’s about leveraging Amazon’s vast audience to promote products or services that aren’t sold on the platform. This strategy can significantly boost visibility and reach for diverse industries, from insurance to automotive.” – Mike Zagare, Founder, PPC Entourage

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