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July 29, 2022
Ian Smith
Ian Smith
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How The Top 1% Sellers on Amazon Use AMZAlert To Protect & Scale Their Business

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One of the most time-consuming tasks for any Amazon seller is managing Amazon products and listings. It's nearly impossible to be completely on top of your listings, especially if you have multiple ASINs to maintain and make profitable. 

For Amazon sellers especially, it can be challenging to keep up with the various sudden and unexpected listing changes, requirements, and setbacks in the marketplace. And if you’ve lost money before due to unknown product changes, then you know the importance of having alerts set up for your Amazon products. 

In this blog, I’m revealing the ins and outs of a powerful tool called AMZAlert that monitors your listings 24/7/365 and sends you the most crucial and time-sensitive money-saving alerts. 

AMZAlert can help you: 

  • Safeguard your Amazon business through proactive risk notification 
  • Increase your productivity x10 
  • Increase your profit on every product you sell

Gone are the days when you can afford to spend hours upon hours manually checking your listings and still be profitable. Now, AMZAlert does it all for you. 

4 Alerts Every Amazon Seller Should Be Tracking with AMZAlert

AMZalert is one of the most valuable tools for maintaining profitable listings. It’s the ideal platform that helps sellers and their teams quickly and proactively monitor and make changes that could otherwise result in thousands of dollars in lost sales. 

Here are 4 of the most common and highly recommended alert systems that you should be tracking to safeguard your listings using AMZAlert: 

  • New Product Alerts: This includes: BSR alerts, Amazon FBA alerts, keyword ranking alerts, stock availability alerts, new rating alerts, and review alerts. These are must-have alerts for establishing credibility and trust when launching new products on Amazon.
  • Product Suppression Alerts: This alert helps you troubleshoot your listing issues as quickly as possible and make sure it is up to Amazon standards for maximum visibility.
  • Negative Review Alerts: Negative reviews are also critical to track. Being in the loop anytime someone leaves a negative review helps you correct mistakes and maintain a better rating. 
  • Out of Stock/Availability Alerts: If you have many different ASINs, it can be hard to track inventory. Suppose one of your products goes viral and you run out of stock; you would want to be alerted of that immediately.
4 alerts every Amazon seller should track
Stay on top of important alerts including stock, availability, suppression, and reviews

On top of its intelligent alert system, AMZAlert can analyze your listing quality, and even send you alerts about your competitor listing changes as they happen. That means knowing how your competition is optimizing their listings, what’s working to increase their sales and conversions, and what’s not.

Know Every Move Your Competitors Make

Not only does AMZAlert analyze your listings, it can also be used to see what your competition is up to and get alerts about their ASIN changes.

Monitoring your competitors can be extremely valuable for Amazon sellers when done right. Suppose a competitor's listing begins to improve and garner more traffic after changing its description or bullet points. Mimicking or pulling insights from these changes can help you improve your visibility, gather more traffic to your listing, and significantly boost your ranking.

This highly intelligent tool can also serve as a checklist or to-do list for managing your own product listings. You can add alerts to your worklist, and you can delete them as you resolve each one of those issues.

Streamline Your Business & Increase Your Productivity x10

By setting up Product Groups with AMZAlert, you can track metrics on a batch of ASINs to streamline and organize your alerts. You can even create separate product groups for your competitors' listings. 

AMZAlert also allows you to track your listings and spy on your competitors without connecting or granting access to your Seller Central account.

AMZAlert is straightforward and easy for your entire team to use with built-in text, Slack, and Jira integrations – all to save you time, and increase your productivity and profitability. 

AMZAlert: The Best Monitoring Tool for Amazon Sellers

When should you use AMZAlert? The answer is always

AMZAlert is a must-use tool if you manage more than just a couple of ASINs, and it’s hands down the most advanced tool for monitoring your competitors’ listings 24/7/365. Whether you’re an experienced seller or just starting out, all of us can benefit tremendously from spying on our best competitors.  

Amazon sellers lose thousands of dollars every day just from small listing issues that never get resolved. Don’t be one of them. 

Get Complimentary Onboarding Assistance from the AMZAlert Team

If you’re just getting started as an Amazon seller, AMZAlert offers an affordable New Seller Plan to help you protect your new Amazon business. As you grow, you can upgrade to AMZAlert’s Advanced Seller or Elite Seller plans.

If you’re not sure where to start or if you need assistance with setting up your new AMZAlert account, make sure to take advantage of an onboarding call with the AMZAlert team. Their customer support is top-notch, and they’re great at helping Amazon sellers set up their accounts. Reach out and they will answer any questions you have.

AMZAlert is a 24-hour monitoring service that alerts you to sudden and unexpected changes to your Amazon listings, so you can fix issues immediately rather than lose thousands of dollars in sales. 

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