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July 23, 2022
Ian Smith
Ian Smith
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How to Use Listing Quality Score (LQS) by Seller.Tools to Optimize Your Amazon Listing

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As an Amazon seller, it’s impossible to reach your maximum sales potential if your listings aren’t being seen by shoppers. 

And when potential customers do land on your product detail page, you need to make sure your listing is completely conversion-ready, relevant, accurate, and thorough to clearly communicate why your product is the most valuable, what’s included, and how it all works to get the results they want.

Amazon has its own qualifiers for rank-worthy, winning listings. You can see how your listing ranks in every one of those areas using the Listing Quality Score (LQS) Tool by Seller.Tools. 

In this article, I will explain the LQS Tool and all of the listing attributes Amazon actually cares about so you can rank and optimize your listings for conversions to finally reach your sales goals and scale.  

Get Insights That Other Listing Analyzers Miss

When you know the true quality score of your listing, you can optimize just like the top 1% of sellers on Amazon and quickly outrank your competition. 

When you use the LQS Tool and Chrome Extension, you can get the answers to the following questions in under 60 seconds:

8 insights other analyzers miss
8 questions to answer to optimize your Amazon listing

  • Is your title optimized? Titles should have 75 characters or more and include high-converting, high-volume keywords. 
  • Which keywords are being indexed by Amazon (and which are not)? LQS highlights each and every indexed word in your listing; the goal is to get more than 90% of your keywords indexed by Amazon.
  • Do you have enough images? That means maximizing your real estate with 9 sales-driving images in your main product image carousel.
  • Are you utilizing EBC / A+ Content? Having 5 or more EBC modules loaded with relevant  keywords and engaging images increases your listing’s visibility and conversions. 
  • Are your bullet points sufficient and relevant? Bullet points make up 50% of your listing quality score so it’s crucial that your bullet points include your top keywords and a minimum of 250 characters each detailing the benefits and features of your product. 
  • Do you need more video content? Ensure your listing has a compelling product video in image placement 7, and aim for 6 video shorts in the Videos slider.
  • Are you leveraging Amazon Posts for free traffic and visibility? Post a minimum of 6 Amazon Posts to get started and then post regularly to defend your product detail page and compete for sales.
  • Have you utilized coupons and promos to increase conversions? Coupons are visible in ads and search results which will make your product more appealing to more shoppers and boost your sales. 

Other listing analyzers out there evaluate just a handful of obvious points without any clear recommendations for improvement, but LQS gives you crystal-clear, actionable insights that will improve your discoverability and your bottom line.

Know Exactly What Listing Changes To Make In Order To Rank

You don’t need to know exactly how the Amazon algorithm works for conversion readiness, but you do need to know what areas of your Amazon listing matter the most to customers and which impacts your discoverability and sales.

With LQS, you can score each individual area of your listing and know instantly what you need to do to score higher.

LQS Chrome extension screengrab
the LQS Chrome extension helps you analyze your Amazon listing

LQS scores your entire listing for Keyword Quality in your title, bullet points, description, and enhanced brand content/A+ content. It also scores Media Quality and utilization of images, videos, and alt text, andConversion Quality including sale price, reviews and ratings, usage of promotions, and more.

Bullet Point field screengrab from LQS extension
use LQS to get actionable insights for how to improve your Amazon listing

For example, most sellers don’t know that having zoomable images on their listing can boost their page’s interactive rate and positively impact their ranking. LQS tells you exactly what your listing needs to achieve a healthy page interaction rate, like adding more engaging videos and where to place them to optimize your UX.

As you make these recommended improvements to your listing, your listing quality score will increase and so will your ranking and conversion rate. Not to mention these listing improvements will help your product detail page appeal to more shoppers as they compare products. Simple changes can enhance your rating and reviews, and even elevate your customer experience.

See How Your Listing Compares To Competitors

Ever wonder what your competitors are doing right? Of course you do. 

Many times when I tell Amazon sellers that their listings can be improved, they don’t understand where or how. That’s when I tell them about this Listing Quality Score Tool from Seller.Tools. 

With LQS, you can quickly and easily score any listing on Amazon, including your own or your biggest competitors’. 

LQS scans any listing in under a minute using the simple Seller.Tools Chrome Extension to tell you what best sellers are doing right so you can make your listing perform better than the rest. 

For instance, when it comes to competing for higher rankings and visibility, using LQS to scan your listing and competitor listings for keyword-rich copy is key.

Convert More Customers From External Traffic

The biggest mistake sellers make on Amazon is wasting tons of money on driving external traffic to below-average listings. 

Scoring your listing’s conversion quality with LQS is a game changer, especially for sellers who are spending hundreds of dollars every day on Google Ads, TikTok Ads, YouTube Ads, or Facebook & Instagram Ads. 

LQS does a great job of pointing out the missing pieces of every listing so you can fill them in, optimize them, and stop missing out on sales.

Profiting from your external traffic and increasing your conversion rates from non-Amazon marketing channels has never been easier.

a group of businesswomen in a conference room
listing optimization should be an essential part of your seller strategy

Watch Your Conversion Rates Skyrocket

When your listing showcases your product well and leverages all of the real estate Amazon gives you to describe your product, you’ll be able to rank higher and faster for relevant keywords and get more eyes on your listing.  

Short Amazon listings with minimal content and copy make customers wary of the product; if they buy that item anyway, it often results in disappointments and product returns. On the other hand, high-quality listings have a lower return rate because the customer knows what they’re getting and has their expectations met. 

To make sure the most helpful information about your product is highlighted, LQS helps you utilize as many of the characters and placements in your listing as possible. LQS can help you organize your listing to accurately portray your product’s materials, size, color, shape, and more. Including these details in your product detail page ensures that shoppers know everything they need to know before purchase. 

And remember: sharing accurate information about your product and business builds trust which leads to more sales. 

The Wrap-Up: LQS Optimization

Using the highly intelligent LQS listing analyzer allows sellers to compete for the top spot in Amazon’s search results and double or triple their conversion rates. 

Say goodbye to the ambiguous listing analyzers and get LQS for straightforward listing scores and clear recommendations. 

Download the LQS Chrome Extension here and start optimizing your listings for free to reach expert seller status. 

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