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New Amazon Tailored Audiences Improves Automated Email Marketing for Sellers

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What is the Amazon Tailored Audiences Feature?

The announcement came on September 14th - Amazon Tailored Audiences, a free email marketing tool within MYCE, gives brand-registered sellers three new audiences to target for promotional email campaigns.

In addition to the existing brand followers, sellers can send email marketing messages to:

  • Repeat customers. Customers who have ordered your products more than once in the last 12 months.
  • Recent customers. The most recent 20% of shoppers who have bought from your registered brand.
  • Biggest spenders. The top 25% highest spending customers from the last 12 months.

The update also includes these new features:

  • Specific audience type selection
  • Enhanced email templates
  • Custom HTML content
  • Monitoring tools to track key performance metrics like emails delivered, open rate, click-through rate, opt-out rate, sales, and conversion

These new channels give you more ideally focused targeting to get results like building brand loyalty, or increasing product visibility and sales. For example, focusing remarketing on recent buyers allows more specific messaging geared toward upselling. 

Amazon is Changing the Rules

Amazon famously maintains strict guidelines for communicating with buyers to prevent fraud and unethical competitor actions.

One of its rules is that sellers can only send Permitted Messages to previous buyers and people opting in for communication. 

But with the launch of Amazon Tailored Audiences, the rules have changed. What we don’t know is why. Some speculation is:

  • Boosting sales now that we are past the peak of the eCommerce boom
  • Appeasing antitrust regulators by taking a collaborative approach with third-party sellers

There’s one major concern that needs to be addressed from the Amazon Tailored Audiences - spam. Overusing this power may overwhelm people, causing them to unsubscribe. Excessive opt-outs may cause Amazon to reduce your campaign reach or suspend your campaigns. 

Go through the customer engagement best practices so you can minimize opt-outs and stay compliant with the guidelines and terms of service.

Amazon Tailored Audiences is currently in beta, with a broader distribution in 2023. Read Amazon’s Customer Engagement Tailored Audiences article for more information.

Carbon6 Team