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July 31, 2022
Carbon6 Team
Carbon6 Team

Sourcing Faster, Smarter, and Better Than Before: ScanUnlimited Joins Carbon6

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As many of you may already know, ScanUnlimited has officially joined the Carbon6 suite of tools, and we’re so excited to provide our community access to a more expansive hub of education and tools that make it incredibly easy to analyze wholesale lists.

Don’t worry! ScanUnlimited’s main priorities haven’t changed. By joining Carbon6, the ScanUnlimited community gains access to a more expansive hub for networking, education, and solutions tools that make selling online more profitable and enjoyable.

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ScanUnlimited is now a part of the Carbon6 product suite

ScanUnlimited will continue to help entrepreneurs and companies scan wholesale product lists and find profitable, fast-selling products on Amazon. Cofounder Phillip Araujo  and his team became a critical puzzle piece for many looking to scale their business in the Amazon Seller space, and together with Carbon6 plan to continue to solve problems for consumers everywhere.

“It’s a bit of a bittersweet moment to say goodbye after coding ScanUnlimited for 5+ years with my Co-Founder Robert Miller. However, I am super optimistic that Carbon6 will take ScanUnlimited further than we ever could, bringing in resources, industry experts, and a suite of other complimenting tools together in one place.”

 Phillip Araujo, Cofounder of ScanUnlimited by Carbon6

Accommodating at Every Stage of Growth

From one business to another, each one has its own particular set of needs, and those needs change as a business scales in size. ScanUnlimited offers two different pricing models, so you can get exactly what you need, but don’t pay for features you won’t use.

For small-scale sellers: 

If you are just starting out, or if you want to test how the ScanUnlimited experience can improve your business, explore the Limited plan. This will give you access to one file upload per month, 10,000 products per file upload, basic Keepa charts, a preview of the Power-Up Feature, and more.

For medium and large-scale enterprises:

The breadth of what ScanUnlimited provides users becomes unlocked in the Unlimited plan, as it would suggest. This plan provides the full range of features, with greater access and lower fees on higher-level plans.

Explore the full price list by scrolling down on the home page and see what plan will fit your business best.

What’s Next?

With ScanUnlimited joining forces with Carbon6’s full suite of tools, users can expect to see new great features added to the collection of tools that bring sellers to the top 1% of the industry. The full Carbon6 suite offers synergistic products and tools that continue to innovate and empower private label, wholesale, and merch sellers.

Start optimizing your business today by checking out ScanUnlimited’s full suite of features.

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