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October 26, 2022
Carbon6 Team
Carbon6 Team
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Amazon Addresses the Future of Digital Video Advertising with New Features

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At Amazon’s annual advertising conference, unBoxed, Amazon unveiled new digital video advertising and streaming ad solutions to help sellers more efficiently create and share interactive videos with their customers. 

The Future of Digital Video Advertising, Simplified 

The 2022 Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics report surveyed 582 respondents (both marketing professionals and online consumers) and asked them about the benefits and challenges of video ads.

According to the study, videos have convinced 88% of consumers to buy products from brands that use them and 73% said they prefer to watch videos to learn about a product or service.

Lucky for you, Amazon continues to simplify the video ad creation process with newly announced features.

Reach the Right Audience with Relevant Video Ads

At the unBoxed 2022 conference, Amazon addressed the future of digital video advertising and announced that you can now:

Launch Video Ad Campaigns via Sponsored Display

That’s right, Sponsored Display now supports different types of videos such as ads, demos, tutorials, unboxing, and testimonials for self-service ad campaigns on and off Amazon. This new feature allows for immersive storytelling on and off Amazon using your same campaign settings as before. 

And if you need to optimize off-Amazon ads and track conversions, use attribution apps like PixelMe

Use Improved Video Builder

Create videos for your Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns in just a few clicks at no extra cost. You can also feature multiple call-to-action options within your interactive ads, such as Add to Cart, Add to List, Buy This, and Shop Now to elevate the customer’s shopping experience.

To maximize engagement, run A/B tests to select and publish your winning content. Take it a step further by optimizing and automating your ad campaigns using PPCEntourage and ZonTools. These apps can identify popular keywords, adjust bids based on success, and get rid of non-converting search terms, allowing you to free up time by letting powerful AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Search Top Providers Featured in Amazon Creative Services

Available in eight (8) countries, this new feature simplifies the video creation process (producing, filming, and editing videos) by helping you to find, compare, and connect with service providers for end-to-end creative delivery. 

Simply search and filter providers based on your preferences, browse samples, and read reviews to make an informed decision. This end-to-end service simplifies the future of digital video advertising for Amazon sellers, from brief to approvals to delivery. 

Measure the Incremental Reach of Your Streaming Ads with a New Reporting Tool

Currently in beta, Amazon Streaming TV Incremental Household Reach is the latest addition to its Streaming TV ads service. It is a post-campaign reporting solution designed to make it easier for you to accurately “measure the unique, incremental audience reached through Amazon Streaming TV Ads campaigns, above and beyond their linear TV campaigns.”

Incremental Household Reach uses both first-party and third-party data to ensure accurate results. It also allows real-time monitoring, which means if something’s amiss, you can quickly make changes to your ads.

What Else to Expect

Engage audiences with compelling video ads by getting featured on:

  • 25+ TV shows. According to Amazon, hit programs like Jack Ryan, Reacher, and Leverage: Redemption, Cosmic Love, and Sprung are currently participating in its Virtual Product Placement (in beta) network. This service helps brands get featured within streaming TV content and reach new audiences.
  • IMDb What to Watch app. In-app sponsorships offer brands exposure to US Fire TV users who participate in IMDb games and quizzes like Amazon’s Quick Draw game (beta).
  • Thursday Night Football. Streaming exclusively on Twitch and Prime Video, grab the opportunity to market to younger adults.
  • Amazon Freevee Welcome Screen (beta). When customers open the Freevee app on Fire TV, Amazon may feature a 7-second video ad of your product in full screen.

The future of digital video advertising is bright, and these new Amazon features are designed to help light the way there. 

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