October 24, 2023
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From Clicks to Conversions: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Creative Listing Optimization

From Clicks to Conversions: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Creative Listing Optimization

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Driving external traffic to your listings with optimized ads and SEO is a great way to boost your rank – but only if you can get that traffic to convert. Converting traffic, aka making visitors add to cart and purchase, is one of the essential parts of increasing the revenue and rank of your ASINs.

Increasing conversions might sound like a daunting and vague task, but it mainly comes down to optimizing your listing pages. We’ll take a look at each of the different aspects of your listing pages that can (and should) be optimized for increasing your conversion rate (CVR.)

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Why Does Amazon Listing Optimization Matter? 

Listing optimization is about more than making sure your listing appears in the right place on search results. While this is still crucial to helping sales, you have to remember who is making the purchase: a real person. 

A real person isn’t judging your listing based on whether it has the right keywords; they’re judging if the product itself is something they want to buy. By making your listing appeal to their needs and wants, it’ll help convince them to complete the purchase, aka convert!

One of the main hesitations a customer can have about a product is trustworthiness. They want to look at the listing and know that:

  • They can trust the seller will send the product featured
  • The product will do what it promises correctly 
  • They have made the best possible choice with this purchase 

If they don’t trust your listing, they will be unlikely to purchase in the first place. If they trust the listing and the product delivers on that trust, they will likely become a repeat customer, leave a positive review, or share your listing with their friends and family. 

This is especially important when coming up to Q4 – many customers are beginning to shop for gifts for people important to them. Making visitors trust the listing for a giftable product is essential to help capitalize on holiday spending. 

Key Elements of Amazon Listing Optimization

Thankfully, optimizing your listing to build customer trust as well as optimizing it for keywords and search results are not mutually exclusive. There are many aspects of your listing that can be optimized, including: 

  • Product title 
  • Images
  • Description
  • Bullet points
  • A+ content (sometimes referred to as APC)
  • Search terms
  • And more
PRO TIP: If you’re not sure where to begin with your own Amazon listing optimization, download the free Chrome extension from SellerTools. It’ll review your listing and provide a Listing Quality Score (LQS) which will identify any areas for improvement.

Use Compelling Amazon Product Titles

Your product title is one of the key areas where you can appeal to both customers and the Amazon algorithm. You need to make sure your product title:

  • Accurately describes the product
  • Includes your primary target keyword or phrase
  • Is more than just keywords strung one after the other
Since identifying and capitalizing on correct keywords is a massive topic, we won’t dive into it here. If you are looking for help with your keyword research, our tools D8aDriven, ManageByStats, and SellerTools can help

Create Eye-Catching Product Images

People love window shopping for a reason: we love to look at things we want. The same goes for your listings, so make sure you deliver!

Number of photos

To help your listing perform better, it should have no less than seven photos including the main image. Nine would be the ideal number, including a video, as this would give you the chance to fully show off the product and its features and benefits. 

Here are some basic tips to start from with your images:

  • The main product image must be against a plain white background 
  • Select only high-quality and high-resolution images to avoid blur
  • Take real photos where possible instead of Photoshop

Using a video to help show off the product in place of the photos would help give context to the item, such as its size, how it works, and what it looks like when moving.

While using all nine spaces isn’t a hard and fast rule, you have the ability on listings to use nine images and videos, so why not make the most of the free real estate to help close the sale?

Pro tip: To help boost sales of a giftable product, include images of someone giving or receiving it as a gift. Joie Roberts, Amazon Seller and Coach from AMZ Insiders talked in a recent interview with us about how to improve conversions, including making the most of your images.


Highlighting the seasonal gifting of products through images helps encourage the customer that they’re choosing the right gift. For example, changing the images of a scented candle listing to tie in with Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Teacher’s Day could help convert someone specifically shopping for a gift for that occasion.

One important thing to remember with seasonal photos is to make sure that you are updating them in a timely manner. Nothing makes a listing look abandoned or untrustworthy like a Christmas tree in the photos in the middle of July! 

If you’re not sure where to start with photo optimizing, the Amazon Seller App can help. They put together this video showing how it works

Build the Product Story with Accurate Descriptions

Everyone knows a picture says a thousand words, but sometimes you need words too! Including a complete and detailed description will help build customer trust in you and your product, and help close the sale.

In the description section, you have space to explain in more detail the features, benefits, and design elements of your product. You, of course, want to include your keywords in the description, but make sure they flow into sentences in a way that makes sense to the customer. 

Some good points to cover would be: 

  • Sizing: dimensions or compatibility with other household items 
  • Materials: any features or details about the material, including notable features such as certifications or unique characteristics
  • Relevant details: if it comes gift wrapped or in a presentation box, include details 

Using these points to tell the story of the product will add empathy to your listings, bringing the customer closer to completing their purchase.

Turning Features into Benefits: Bullet Point Magic

Use the bullet points to highlight the key features and selling points about your products so customers know what it is at a glance. Think of it like bite-sized sections of reasons someone should buy your product. 

These can include:

  • Special features (including why they’re special)
  • Dimensions and materials
  • Unique properties of your product compare to competitors 
  • Your keywords – but in a natural way

If you’re struggling to come up with your bullet points, try utilizing AI. Entering your full description and asking it to generate a list of compelling bullet points would make a great starting point – just be sure to check your keywords are correct before uploading them! 

Capitalize on A+ Content Creation

A+ Content (previously called Enhanced Brand Content) is only available to Brand Registered sellers, but its use of dynamic modules helps to elevate your listing even higher. We highly recommend checking it out if you’re on the fence about getting registered! 

The main benefit of A+ Content (sometimes referred to as APC) is that it helps to create a more polished listing compared to traditional description options. 

Amazon has built-in templates for APC modules, and you can select the ones that work best for your particular product. You can include close-up photos, a combination of short- and long-form copy, and multiple arrangements of modules. 

Elevating Conversions: Your Listing Optimization Toolbox 

Now that we’ve broken down in detail what Amazon listing optimization can look like, it might seem like an overwhelming amount of work, but it’s worth it – especially when you automate your processes using tools from Carbon6's all-in-one Amazon growth platform.

You've already spent time and energy developing your product. It is only right to spend time and energy making sure customers can see its true value. 

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