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August 5, 2022
Carbon6 Team
Carbon6 Team

ZonTools Offers Major Improvements Following Carbon6 Acquisition

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In the first quarter of 2022, ZonTools joined the Carbon6 product suite.

Since its start, ZonTools very quickly became a game-changing tool for Amazon sellers by automating and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns with its proprietary AI software. As it tracks ads and keywords, the program shifts ad spend away from poor performers and boosts the most successful ads.

Now under the Carbon6 umbrella, the ZonTools community, which includes both new and established users, joins an expansive hub of education and tools. With these new resources conveniently at hand, this brings new opportunities to grow their businesses to new levels of size and success.

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ZonTools is now part of the Carbon6 product suite
"The goal of ZonTools has always been taking the guesswork out of PPC. Anyone can quickly learn, adapt, and grow so they can maximize their ad spend. Now, under the Carbon6 umbrella, ZonTools will keep the same heart as always, while offering great new features.”
- Tarik Ozkan, Founder of ZonTools

ZonTools 2.0 Takes PPC Advertising to the Next Level

The official release of “ZonTools 2.0” began in March 2022, when users were introduced to a bevy of new features, many of which came from the user feedback. One of the strongest desires was the ability to dominate the best real estate on Amazon. 

This led to the addition of Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand advertising, on top of Sponsored Products. Now, sellers can position their products on page one with search results advertising, and they can use in-listing ads to show up on their competitors’ product pages. 

These new PPC options have also been expanded into Amazon Merch on Demand (formerly Merch by Amazon), which gives private label sellers new markets to expand into, and allows current merch sellers to beat out their competition with this new automated tool.

All New, Inside and Out

The development team worked long hours to rebuild ZonTools on a modern tech stack (Laravel 8.0), and the results are well worth it. New database structures allow advanced analytics and reporting, as well as a powerful subscription management system for dynamic pricing.

Easy on the Eyes and Easy to Use

User experience is just as important as the features offered, which is why the new and improved ZonTools also comes with a completely new front end built in Laravel View. A new admin dashboard lets users quickly and easily manage all subscriptions, payments and other customer requests.

What’s Next?

The ZonTools team is still hard at work developing the next great series of upgrades that bring sellers to the top 1% of the industry. The full Carbon6 suite offers synergistic products that empower private label, wholesale, and merch sellers.

Check out ZonTools’ current feature list to see how you can harness AI to automate and optimize your listings today.

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