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No need for a dashboard. With chargeguard insights, we’ll show
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total counts, chargeback types, monetary impact, and more.
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average fee percent for vendors
based on Amazon vendor sales
of vendors are owed
money by Amazon
average recovery
rate for our clients

Let our team return chargebacks and shortages to you.

chargeguard is the easiest and most effective way to recover historical Amazon
deductions and protect against new fees.
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"chargeguard has taken the frustration out of deductions resolution and equipped us with tools and insight to drive continuous improvement initiatives on the Amazon account."
Global pharmaceutical company
"We’re in the process of collecting money from Amazon we wouldn’t otherwise have collected, as well as improving our internal processes in regards to our Amazon 1P business."
Consumer goods company
“As I reflect a little on this past year, I
cannot help but send a quick note of
thanks! We have built out a great team and continue to uncover new ways of working while also focusing on delivering company-leading results. I look forward to our
continued evolution and growth.”
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"chargeguard is the premier service provider in the chargeback, shortage, and accrual/ overbilling space. I've seen them return millions back to multiple vendor accounts. Their dashboard is intuitive, user-friendly and most importantly, drives dollars back in the business."

Put Amazon deduction management on autopilot

5-year fee
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profit increase

You get paid
before we do

Our fee model is simple: if we don’t recover
deductions for you, you don’t pay us.
When we do find deductions, we take a standard commission based on successful recovery.
Note: engagement fees may apply.
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° $7B estimated fees derived via 2021 Amazon gross revenue at $600B, $210B 1st party vendor revenue, 85% average COGs reduction, average fees @ 4%
¹ Free audit provides visibility to 5 years
² Typical fee amount is 3% with the majority falling between 1-5%.
³ Recovery rate up to 99%, with the average rate at 75%.