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Optimize growth with automated reporting, forecasting, and actionable recommendations.
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AI-Powered Executive

Stay up to date on the critical aspects of your business health with weekly summaries assembled from millions of data points. These detailed insights and SKU-level recommendations effectively put your business on auto-pilot.
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Data & Insights in One

An automatically generated checklist provides inventory recommendations, purchase order predictions, and custom action items prioritized to your business objectives and opportunities.

Data & Insights in One

Automatically pull your business data from a variety of sources into a single UI. Get a full-spectrum understanding of your sales, marketing, operations, and finance so you can make optimal decisions expediently.
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We have successfully accelerated our growth through our partnership with D8aDriven for many reasons with one example being our ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the business as a result of their insights.

Stew Lawrence, CEO

Without D8aDriven, we wouldn’t have an eCommerce channel.  They’ve helped us grow from a tiny unknown brand to a national brand that’s being acquired.

Michael Kanter, CEO

Eliot’s Nut Butter
We went with D8aDriven over several competitors because their platform is proven, and we like the analog between how their system works and how the Amazon system works.

Jim Chomas, CEO

Willie's Remedy
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