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Advanced Forecasting
Inventory Profit Audit
Done-For-You Setup
Done-For-You Setup!

World-class inventory software trusted by industry leaders

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Save up to 90% of setup
time with Done-For-You

Our  team will help set up your SoStocked account for you, including all
custom workflows, at no additional charge. We can also help train your
team for you, making sure you have hands-on support during
onboarding and beyond.
Done-For-You setup includes: imports, migration, lead-time setup,
custom forecasting, and more!
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Done-For-You Setup!
Save time
Training for your team
Avarage daily salesHave Zero Inventory

Avoid costly stockouts and overstocks

Avoid stockouts, overstocking, and unnecessary fees with in-depth profit
recovery planning. Automatically factor things like past sales, Prime Day,
seasonality, and sales spikes. Our dashboard helps you order the right
amount at the right time.
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Future-proof your stock management

Our split shipments feature allows for flexible logistics across your supply
chain. Min-max restocking helps save thousands by maintaining the right
inventory levels to avoid stockouts and overstocking.
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$70K per
Travis Zigler
Travis Zigler was able to restructure 
the way he packed, shipped, 

and stored one of his products, recovering $70,000 per year in
profit – on a single product!
per unit
Kata & Matt Phipps
Kata & Matt Phipps reduced their unit shipping costs from  $1.20 

per unit to $0.45
by streamlining
their operations. That’s a $0.75 per unit savings!
95% in
Top Seller on Amazon Badge
Chris Davey
7-figure seller Chris Davey
stayed in stock 95% of the year using SoStocked’s inventory tools and strategies.
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Save thousands with smarter
inventory management

Our free inventory audit will show you where you
are losing money and how you can recover profit.

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Sync your data to analyze profit and forecast inventory.

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as a guide.

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Get started for free no matter which plan you choose.
SoStocked’s pricing is simple and created to scale with your
as your business grows. Our prices are calculated based on
your number of orders per month. Check out our pricing
page to learn more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?
Do you support the European Marketplace?
Do you support Pan-European (including the new Brexit update) and the NARF Program?
Do you have a free trial?
Do you support Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)?
Do you support Walmart, Shopify, or other sales platforms?
Can we merge multiple SKUs into one ASIN to prevent double-counting inventory?
Does your software support Amazon Capacity Manager (formerly Restock Limits)?
Can you assign multiple suppliers and warehouses to a product?

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