Create new revenue streams with strategic DSP management

Direct access to better data insights, improved ad efficiency, and streamlined process for diversifying ad spend for optimal results.
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Expertly managed Amazon DSP campaign strategy
DSP seat access

Expertly managed Amazon DSP campaign strategy

Get customized growth plans and execution you need to make sure DSP is working for you, not against you.
Our team uses hyper-relevant targeting and high-intent audience definitions to maximize your campaign performance.
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Complete dashboard for key campaign performance metrics

Eliminate the black hole of DSP reporting.
View industry-standard KPIs alongside Amazon-specific metrics like Detail Page Views, New to Brand, and Subscribe & Save, broken down by audience, creative, website placement, geography, day, and time.
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DSP Prime Reporting and Analytics
Track Amazon
Tailored growth plans designed to drive ROI
growth plans
Lowest entry cost

on the market

Tailored growth plans designed to drive ROI

Built by industry experts leveraging the most inclusive 1st party customer data available and starting at the most competitive pricing in the industry.
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data-driven campaigns

Use detailed consumer insights to launch personalized campaigns across websites, apps, TV, and more.

Transparent, real-time 

Customers have their own login to view campaign performance which refreshes every 15 minutes.

Boost brand authority and drive conversions

Execute customized media buys to increase brand awareness, retarget existing customers, and beat out competition.

Weekly executive 

Outbound performance reviews with written explanations and a full Monthly Business Report (MBR) every 4 weeks.

Leverage AI for 
optimizing performance

Opt-in to have AI generate custom creative and headlines, designed with your content strategy in mind.

Engage audiences at
all stages of funnel

The largest and most comprehensive data set for consumer purchase and intent combined with programmatic advertising.

Case Studies

Success Story

How DSP Prime increased sales by 700% for Health Extension

With only a small increase in spend (1%) you can achieve huge growth in sales.
Success Story

How DSP Prime increased sales revenue by over 50% in a month for a coffee goods seller

Higher impressions on ads and CTR lead to a successful first month with DSP.
Success Story

How DSP Prime achieved a better ROAS in 1 week than Sponsored Ads could in 3 years

DSP Prime found a go forward path for spending money in a profitable manner.
Success Story

How DSP Prime increased Dropps 
ad click-through-rate by 315%

With more granular targeting, DSP increased impressions which led to click-throughs while driving brand awareness and sales.

DSP Prime will give you:

Expert DSP strategy and execution
Data-powered audience segmentation and transparent reporting
Creative assets
and production
All while cutting out the middle-man and slashing costs.
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