How can I use a PixelMe link in a Pinterest ad?

To use a PixelMe link in a Pinterest ad, you'll have to start by creating your link on PixelMe. Add all the retargeting pixels you'd like, then copy the shortened link.

So now that you've got your link ready to go, it's time to start using it!

Head to Pinterest for your next steps. First, make sure you've enabled ads on your account. Then, in the upper left corner, select 'Ads' then 'Create ad'.

On the first page of the setup, put your objective and details to whatever your ad needs. Do the same for targeting - this part is entirely up to you and will vary depending on what your ad is and who it's for.

When you reach the stage where you'll have to pick a Pin to promote, create a new one. Set up the pin however you'd like, but make sure you use your shortened link as the destination URL!

Publish the post, and you're done! Anyone who clicks on your ad will be added to the retargeting audience of whichever platform's pixels you added to the link.

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