How to find Competing ASINS

Google Keyword Suggestions Tool How to identify the right competitor ASINS

Here are some helpful tips to find the right competitor ASINS:

Focus on ASINs that are similar to yours

  • Products that solve the shopper's need in the same way
  • Same type of product
  • Similar price and reviews
  • ⚠️ Do not blindly choose top-selling ASINs in your category


You sell body wash for $19.99 and it has 800 reviews

  • do not choose 'body soap bars'. Choose other body washes.
  • search for competitors by typing in the main keywords for your product like 'body wash' or 'body wash 2 pack'
  • choose body washes above $15 and under $25
  • choose body washes above 500 reviews and under 5,000

These tips are loose tips. Every niche can be different on amazon.

🌟 Bonus Tip: If you're above 250 in your category best seller rank

  • Analyze top 100 best sellers
  • Compare similar priced products with similar reviews