Which UTMs parameters can I track?

You can track five different parameters in our dashboard:

  • Source: channel or platform where the traffic starts from.

‣ utm_source=facebook (or replace facebook with instagram, google, newsletter, etc.)

  • Campaign: a name to identify your overall campaign or promotion.

‣ utm_campaign=easterpromo

  • Medium: type of link used, such as cost per click (CPC), social, display, email, organic.

‣ utm_medium=cpc

  • Content: what was clicked to refer the user to the URL, often used for A/B testing. E.g., if you were a testing a Mother’s Day landing page with a green call-to-action button vs. a blue one.

‣ utm_content=mothersday_blue_cta ‣ utm_content=mothersday_green_cta

  • Term: search keywords you’re targeting for paid search campaigns. E.g., if you’re running Google AdWords or Bing Ads for your Amazon store that sells sandals.

‣ utm_term=leather-sandals

What’s nice is you can include any or all the parameters with PixelMe's UTM builder, in any order, for every link and they’ll never change anything on the destination page. They purely exist to help you with campaign measurement.

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