Why am I seeing less Purchases and Add to Carts on my keywords than my campaign?

I see less purchases on my keywords page than what I see on my campaigns page.


I am seeing less Purchases or Add to Carts on my Keywords page than what I see on my campaign?


See this loom video for an explanation


The campaign level metrics that you see are the true totals of your campaign.

For keywords, Amazon does not report full keyword data until the keyword clicks surpass 10 clicks. They do this to protect shopper privacy.

See amazon documentation, scroll down to the the bottom “NOTE” section

Here’s the note from Amazon:

“To protect shopper privacy, Amazon Attribution will mask data for any reporting row representing a tag or group of tags with < 10 clicks over its lifetime. For example, reporting aggregated at the ad group level will show all data for ad groups with 10+ clicks, even if some of the tags in the ad group have < 10 clicks. Until the click threshold has been surpassed, masked rows will show metric values as zero. Campaigns with very small budgets or shown to a very small audience may take some time to surpass this threshold.

To display reporting at campaign or ad group level, you should request performance reports at these specific aggregation levels, rather than aggregating the data yourself, to ensure your reporting includes all available data and matches the Amazon Ads console.”

I hope this information is helpful!