Advice and answers from the ScanUnlimited Team

At times, you may want to focus on specific metrics when analyzing your scans. Fortunately, Scan Unlimited allows users to hide/show columns at any time using the Column Visibility function.

Toggling Columns

To get to the Column Visibility, open a previously run scan and click the three vertical dots button in the top right hand corner. Select "Column Visibility".

Next, click the checkbox of the column that you wish to hide from view. All columns are visible by default so when you click the checkbox, it will uncheck it and hide it from view.

You can easily unhide the column by opening Column Visibility and clicking the unchecked checkboxes again.

Column data is never discarded, even when hiding the column from view.

Save a Preset

When creating a preset, column visibility is saved alongside filters. This is great if you consistently need to hide columns for more than 1 scan. Here is a link to how to create a preset.