Advice and answers from the ScanUnlimited Team


The FREE plan grants a user the ability to scan a product list file, up to 10,000 lines, once per month.

This is great for users that are starting out selling on Amazon because as the name gives away, the plan is completely FREE.

FREE plan users have a Power-Up preview which is limited to 10 items/month.

We offer this FREE plan to help sellers grow their business.


The UNLIMITED plan grants a user the ability to scan product lists, up to 100,000 lines, unlimited times per month. Features also include the Power-Ups feature which allows them to view additional information from Amazon. Learn more about the Power-Ups feature.

This is great for sellers that source from multiple wholesalers/manufacturers and need to stay on top of buying new inventory. At only $60 per month, Scan Unlimited offers great value to Amazon sellers.


The ANNUAL plan is $600 per year and provides the same features as the UNLIMITED plan.

Great Features Included

Regardless of which plan/pass that you decide works for your business, you get to take advantage of these awesome features:

  • Cloud Hosted – Stay organized and keep all of your scans in one place, and have instant access to your scans at anytime, anywhere.
  • Backups – All of your data is backed up daily to ensure your data is safe.
  • Product Detail – Get detailed information about a single ASIN including offers, variations, and keepa chart
  • Live Chat Support
  • Up to 300,000+ Lines/Hour Scan Speed

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