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Amazon owes money to 99% of sellers. Sign up now for your free, no-obligation audit and find out how much you could be owed by Amazon.
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How Seller Investigators Works

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Link Your Accounts
Seller Investigators imports all your FBA transactions from amazon, spanning from the day you opened your Amazon account until today.
Needed Cases
We Submit Needed Cases
Seller Investigators compiles a report of all the cases and amounts recovered (per case) allowing you to track the money we recovered for your account.
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You Get Paid
Congrats! You’ll receive the money back into your FBA accounts.
Our Team Reviews
Seller Investigators reviews all of your products, orders, returns, and shipments that may be eligible for a reimbursement. We will comb through every item in your inventory.

Automatically File Claims

Seller Investigators will monitor your Amazon FBA Account and automatically file for claims on your behalf.
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Automatically File Claims
Analyze Costly Irregularities and Errors

Analyze Costly Irregularities and Errors

Our proprietary refund search engine reviews our client’s accounts for inventory and transaction history to determine how much money Amazon owes you.
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Reimburse What Amazon Owes You

Once our team finds out what you are owed, you will receive bi-weekly reimbursements from Amazon credited and deposited into your account.
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Reimburse What Amazon Owes You
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Seller Investigators has recovered a significant amount of money for us with their service. Their rate is fair and they communicate timely and accurately. We're very pleased with their results.
Rick | Imperial Texture
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Seller Investigators is an incredible system. It has helped retrieve thousands of dollars of potential lost income due to amazon losing or misplacing product. Also, they have an amazing team over there.
Michael Basilicato | World Wide Nutrition
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It's great to have a service like Seller Investigators always look out for my missing/lost FBA inventory. The process is seamless and their fees are fair. Highly recommend!
Hakan Lindestaf | DMX Pro Sales
Stop losing your hard-earned money to Amazon. Put Seller Investigators on the case.
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Pricing Designed to Make Reimbursement Easy.

We charge a 25% recovery fee on all successful reimbursements, including inventory reimbursements.

To value a unit of inventory, we use the amount per unit value that Amazon assigns.
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