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What reimbursement cases does
Seller Investigators cover?

Seller Investigators is the most transparent reimbursement service in the industry. Here’s what we cover to make sure you’re getting back what’s owed to you:
Inbound Shipments
  • NEW! Canceled Shipments
  • Receiving discrepancy
  • Inbound shipment damaged
    by carrier
Lost Items
  • NEW! Lost in Transit
  • Lost in the warehouse
  • Unfair reimbursement
Damaged Items
  • Damaged item in the warehouse
  • Disposed by Amazon
  • Unfair reimbursement
Customer Returns
  • Refunded orders (not
    returned within 60 days)
  • Customer refunded more
    than paid
  • Wrong item returned
  • Chargeback not refunded
Overages & Discrepancies
  • NEW! Removal Orders
  • Incorrect weights and dimensions
  • Overcharged orders
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The Trusted Authority in FBA Reimbursements

Seller Investigators is your partner in profitability. Get more money in less time when you work with our trusted recovery team.


“I wanted to give a big shout out to the entire Carbon6 team, 
especially those at Seller Investigators, for their outstanding support.”
It all began when I reached out to Justin Cobb on LinkedIn, and he connected me with his team. 
Since then, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the process…The Seller Investigators dashboard is truly cutting-edge, enabling the generation of documents for easy signing and the recovery of potential fees from Amazon. Their personalized service is unmatched.
Thank you, Carbon6 and Seller Investigators, for your exceptional support.
Tony Sagar, Founder Zenn Bliss & Cofounder Down Under Bedding | June 17
“Seller Investigators are terrific
to deal with.”
“Seller Investigators has made the whole process of tracking and recovery of Amazon Shipments a breeze. We are a small family owned company Seller Investigators have been terrific to deal with. I wish we would have found their services earlier.”
Mike Wade | May 5
“You are the real deal.”
“You are the real deal. Your reimbursement program really works. I have seen more money in the last month than I have seen in years.”
Customer | April 15
“Best reimbursement service
on the market.”
“They've recovered almost 8x our previous service in just 3 months. Highly recommend. Dashboard is simple and easy to use/understand.”
“This company does what it says.”
“This company does what it says. No hassles,
no problems, no issues. And they do it fast.
You sign up, they get to work and you get your refunds! I recommend anyone who has inventory problems, to use this service.”
“Very professional and effective.”
“They are very responsive and they thoroughly understand the Amazon's algorithms. Their research is very good and methodical in their approach to increasing sales. I would recommend them to anyone interested in growing on Amazon.”
Liver Medic | March 14
“Highly recommend!”
“We have been using Seller Investigators for six months and are highly impressed with their professional level of service. Not only have we been able to recover 9-figure inventory losses in a very short period of time, the portal is fantastic—very user-friendly and easily accessible. Highly recommend! ”
Lola | Smash Commerce
“I love it!”
“I really value the services of Seller Investigators and am a big promoter of the company. I have been a customer since the early days and have used SI in all the companies in my career and I love it! ”
Georgina Saxby | eCommerce Nurse
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More Money in Less Time

We investigate, file, and manage your FBA reimbursement cases efficiently and immediately. And we get you the biggest returns. Get a free, no-obligation audit in just 48 hours, and only pay a 25% commission fee when your money is back with you – where it belongs.
  • 48-Hour Audit
  • Direct Refund Deposit
  • No Fee Until You Get Paid
  • We Find Money Others Don’t
Carbon6 More Money in Less Time

The Industry’s Most Transparent Dashboard

Our dashboard offers FBA sellers the most trusted view of Amazon’s reimbursement process. The Proprietary Refund Search Engine we’ve developed tracks and monitors every claim, and finds every last dollar – including the money other providers miss.
  • Amazon TOS Compliant
  • Itemized Case Logs
  • Hyperlinked Cases for Searchability
  • 100% Traceable Refunds
C6 Seller Investigator the Industry’s Most Transparent Dashboard
Case Logs
100% Traceable

Maximum Clarity & Confidence

Whether you want accurate alerts for weight and dimension changes, or need an automatic packing list generator to make invoice reporting painless, the Seller Investigators toolkit offers comprehensive support and best-in-class service to sellers, absolutely free of charge.
  • Cost-Free Tools
  • Direct Refund Comprehensive Support
  • Automated Alerts
  • Pain-free invoice reporting
Carbon6 Maximum Clarity & Confidence
FBA Fee Alerts
Packling List Generator
Weights & Dims Calculator

Ongoing Expert Support

Our team of advisors are recognized by Amazon as authorities in FBA reimbursements. You can trust your personal case manager to execute every aspect of your refund process, from filing claims to handling appeals, which means finding and returning your money to you faster.
  • Dedicated Case Managers
  • International Support (US, UK, EU, APAC)
  • Customizable Audits
  • Personalized Claim Reviews
Carbon6 Ongoing Expert Support
Case Managers
Claim Reviews

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