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What SellerAssist by Carbon6 covers

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Create listings and variations plus fix suppressed and inactive listings.
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  • Adding Products
  • Listing & Variations Creation
  • Category Approval
  • Detail Page Corrections
  • Secondary Languages
  • Listing Update
  • Upload Safety Documents
  • Suppressed Listings
  • Inactive Listings
  • Listing Errors Troubleshooting
  • Unable to Add a Product
  • Listing Recategorization
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Keep your inventory in stock, organized, and seamlessly aligned with your catalog to prevent loss of sales.
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  • Inventory Removal
  • FBA Shipping Creation
  • Recalculate FBA Fees
  • Removal Order Management
  • Stranded Inventory Issues
  • Inventory Troubleshooting
  • Shipment Issues
  • Monthly Sales History Report
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Account Health

Resolve issues related to Policy Compliance, Voice of the Customer, IPI, and Customer Feedback.
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  • Seller Feedback Solicitation
  • Buyer Messages
  • Removal of Seller Negative Feedback
  • Listing Reinstatements
  • IP Violation Troubleshooting
  • Authenticity Complaints
  • Product Condition Complaints
  • Product Safety Issues
  • Listing Policy Violation
  • Restricted Policy Violation
  • Voice of the Customer Analysis
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Develop custom outreach strategies tailored to your brand, increasing your sales, and promoting brand loyalty.
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  • Create Coupons
  • Create Promotional Discount
  • Create Lightning Deals
  • Subscribe and Save Setup
  • Brand Tailored Promotions
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Brand Registry

Streamline your brand's registration process, providing you with enhanced control over intellectual property and brand assets.
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  • Brand Registry Setup
  • A+ Content Setup
  • Brand Storefront Setup
  • Brand Story Setup
  • Amazon Attribution Setup
  • Amazon Vine Setup
  • Posts Management
  • Trademark Enforcement Strategy
  • Amazon Experiments

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