Recover Profit with Smarter  Inventory Management

1,000+ Amazon sellers, agencies, and aggregators use SoStocked’s software to recover profit, avoid stockouts & forecast accurately.

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Put Your Inventory on Cruise Control

Managing inventory doesn’t have to be stressful.
SoStocked makes it easy to save money and manage smarter.

Avoid Costly Stockouts and Overstock

Automatically factor things like past sales, Prime Day, seasonality, and sales spikes. Our dashboard helps you order the right amount at the right time.
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Recover Profit as Soon as Your Next Shipment

Optimize your packaging, shipping, and  systems to maximize profit. Save thousands in annual shipping costs with dialed in forecasting and reordering.
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I like the combination feature. I can ship by ocean and a little bit by air to keep in stock.
Norm Farrar | Private Label Legion
SoStocked saves me so much time. Reliable customer support allows my VA to learn without my help.
Narae Yang | Amazon Seller
After using complicated spreadsheets for 5 years, our team transitioned to SoStocked and our only regret is not doing it sooner.
David S. | Amazon Seller

Monitor listings, track orders, and avoid stockouts and overstocking.

Get Reorder Alerts
Monitor inventory health with pre-designed or customized dashboards.
Automate Forecasting
Automatically factor seasonality, spikes, stockouts, and more.
Sync Inventory/Marketing
Avoid marketing yourself into a stockout with inventory timelines and reports.
Visualize Data
Smart, easy-to-use dashboards let you see your inventory more clearly.
Track Orders
Generate quick POs and know the status (Production, customs, 3PL, checked-in).
1-On-1 Onboarding
We’ll help you migrate your data from any platform to set up your forecasting.

Take Control of Top Inventory Pains

SoStocked solves over-ordering, under-ordering, ordering late, transferring late, tracking orders/payment, juggling spreadsheets, managing bundles, following up on POs, multiple marketplaces, and avoiding costly warehouse recounts.
​​“Online selling, historically, has been very marketing-focused. As an Amazon seller since 2014, I felt my business suffering financially due to that narrow view; I realized that inventory management was actually the fastest way to begin recovering my margins. But it’s just the beginning of what we can do to help sellers. The far-reaching mentality of being seller-first and team-oriented, coupled with the advisors, software companies and SaaS founders joining Carbon6, are really what made it a great fit for us.”
Chelsea Cohen

1st Month Is Free For Any Plan You Choose

Get started for free no matter which plan you choose. SoStocked’s pricing is simple and created to scale with you as your business grows.
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