Software to Scale Amazon Ads and Results-Driven Management

We help sellers build profitable brands on Amazon by maximizing your ad revenue, slashing ACoS, and improving profit margins.



Increase Sales. Lower ACoS. Maximize Profits.

Stop Drowning in Data.
Make the Most of Your Ad Spend.

Entourage 2.0 can easily optimize and expand your Amazon ads without the need for complex spreadsheets.

Entourage 2.0 Tool

A smart solution to reduce wasted ad spend, create winning campaigns at scale, and increase profit margins.

Ad Coaching+

Invest in better results, fast, with coaching solutions geared towards 5- and 6-figure sellers.

PPC Management Services

Unlock maximum sales with minimum stress. Perfect for 6- to 9-figure Amazon businesses.

Being Profitable with Amazon Ads is Easy.

Entourage 2.0 can easily optimize and expand your Amazon ads without the need of complex spreadsheets.


Trusted by Thousands of Amazon Sellers

PPC Entourage is an Amazon Seller software that analyzes all of your sponsored ads’ data in a super visual way, and then with a couple clicks of a button, it will optimize EVERYTHING for you. It will show you the solid gold. The bottom-line is if you like making money, you need to get PPC Entourage.

Ben Cummings

I have been using PPC Entourage for about 6 months now. It’s made such a big difference, especially on the European side of things. We’ve got 5 different markets and I don’t speak 5 different languages. PPC Entourage makes it so simple and easy to pull out words based on the numbers and stick them into campaigns.

Brandyn J.

I have been using PPC Entourage about 7-8 months. I have been able to manage much better the amount of money spent on each campaign… With maximum 1-2 hours per week, you’re able to keep your campaigns up to par… It’s been an amazing tool. It’s just saved me so, so much time

Jessica de Z.

The software is simply a tool that makes it easier and takes less time. You’re not dealing with all the spreadsheets and all that, that you download from Amazon so it’s really been awesome. I highly recommend PPC Entourage and hats off to Mike!

Jeremy P

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