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More than 60,000 Merch by Amazon sellers use PrettyMerch to analyze their sales and manage their products.

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A Complete Toolkit for Amazon Merch

Beautiful Dashboard

Simply log in to your Merch by Amazon account and you will get all your important data on a beautifully designed and intuitive dashboard

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Advanced Analytics

Filter your sales for any time period and get a detailed breakdown of the products sold in seconds

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Product Manager

With the Product Manager you can quickly search, filter and sort your listings, even if you have hundreds of thousands of products

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Research Tool

Our Trend Finder continuously monitors Merch by Amazon products and helps you discover new and upcoming trends before they go mainstream.

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Our capabilities

Smart Notifications

Tier Up Monsters

Tiering up is much more fun with PrettyMerch, You get a new “Monster” for each tier

Earnings Report

PrettyMerch will notify you the instant each month’s earnings have been posted

Messages from Amazon

We’ll let you know whenver the Merch by Amazon team posts a new message on the regular dashboard

Auto Re-Login

PrettyMerch keeps you logged in to your account. No more being logged out every hour

Secure and Trusted

All of your data is cached locally, on your device, making it one of the safest extensions for Merch

Constant Updates

New features are added continuously, making PrettyMerch better with every update


What Our 60,000 Users Are Saying

PrettyMerch has been voted as the best Chrome Extension for Merch by Amazon.

This is one of my favorite and most recommended extensions for sellers on Amazon Merch. PrettyMerch takes your dashboard and transforms into an informative and easy to navigate webpage.

Dave Englehoven

Love being logged in all day, especially on days I'm uploading to Merch, and I don't have to keep re-logging in. The analytics are outstanding and extremely helpful!

Ibrahim Peeyal

Now that I have this extension I really can't imagine running my business without it. it's worth every penny. I am at tier 10,000 and I would never be able to keep track of sales without it. Thank you  for being fabulous!!

Marcy Mobley

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