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Foreign Currencies

Support for over 200+ world currencies

IP Complaint Check

Identify products where the brand is known to file IP complaints

Estimated Sales

Proprietary sales estimation algorithm returns estimated monthly unit sales (US only)

Amazon as Seller

Identify if Amazon is a seller to avoid competing against Amazon

Profit Calculation

Automatically calculate profit & ROI including all fees, commissions, and costs

Restriction Check

Identify if an ASIN or brand is currently restricted before sourcing


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Scan Unlimited automates one of the most important aspects to any wholesale business - analyzing wholesale inventory lists. I can say with confidence that without Scan Unlimited my business would be not nearly efficient. Out of all of the scanning softwares out there it brings back the most up to date, real time data all in one place so that you can make accurate purchasing decisions with ease.

Kris McCauley

Owner, E-Commerce Express

I’ve tested many software tools and none of them were even close to Scan Unlimited. It doesn’t matter how big the price list is, it takes seconds to know what you should buy. A true time-saver!

Andrei Faur

Amazon Coach, Ecomxplorer; Co-founder, Fabrit Global

Besides the fact that this tool scans files quickly, keeps you organized, and is intuitive with many great features, I believe what is most important is the creators always communicating and getting feedback from the users. Any time I have a question or have feedback to give, Phillip and Robert always reply making sure their users and their program are successful.

Leon Vartanian

Amazon Coach & Seller

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