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The simple supertool that scans Amazon for profitable books and gets you selling on Amazon in minutes. No inventory and no experience necessary.

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Here's Our 3-Part "Freedom Framework"

Could reselling books on Amazon really be the secret to your freedom business?

Our capabilities

The Tools, Trainings, and Automation

By Using the Tools of Top 1% Sellers

Elite Profit-Mining Software

Log in and start searching instantly

Real-time Amazon Data

Accurate-to-the-minute FBA prices

Profit-Boosting Tools

On-demand historical sales charts, filter for fast-selling books, trade-in arbitrage, and more

Multiple Profit Streams

One software, multiple businesses

Detailed Training Program

The most detailed online book arbitrage training in the world - beginner to advanced

Join A Community

Access our private Facebook group

Live Webinars

Real-time coaching from long-time Amazon sellers

Text Message Support

Get the founder's personal cell number - text anytime

True Virtual Business

Run from anywhere in the world

Pre-Sorted Lists

A whole list of profitable books -skip searching all together

Built-in Profit Tracking

Track all sales and profits with our built-in tool

Automated Scan

Of over 40 other sites, not just Amazon


What Our Members Are Saying

Forget The Money: How Is Zen Arbitrage Changing Lives?
Our Core Value: Freedom

Life long dream accomplished!
After 28 years... I finally achieved the dream of
a home-based business I can run from a laptop on a cruise!

Bill Urell

Every time one sells, it gives me the motivation to keep pushing ahead!I LOVE books and really want this to work out!I am more excited about this than any other “job” I have ever done.

Jennifer Li Mathers

Consistenly making enough PROFIT monthly to pay our mortgage. That was my original goal. Not actually putting money into the house but consistently putting it back into books. New goal us to just pay off the house.

Bunny Smith

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