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Harness the Power of ZonTools PPC Platform with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands PPC Optimization for Amazon Seller Central and Merch by Amazon.

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Launch, Automate, and Scale Profitable PPC Campaigns

Powered by proprietary A.I. technology, ZonTools automatically and continuously optimizes your PPC campaigns, allowing you to grow your sales profitably while freeing up countless hours of your time.

Our capabilities

Own The Best Real Estate on Amazon

Maximize your sales by exposing your products to high-intent buyers with Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Product Ads

Sell Worldwide

Sell across every Amazon marketplace with support for multiple Amazon seller accounts inside one ZonTools account

Optimize Your PPC

Our powerful AI automatically and continuously optimizes your ads for maximum sales and profitability

Automate Your Growth

Set your PPC on autopilot and get back to working on your business instead of in your business


1,000+ Customers Trust ZonTools

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I want to give ZonTools a 6 starts rating! I would have given it 5 stars if it had just been a game changer, but the reality is that this Amazon PPC management tool is a Real Life changer! I highly recommend Zon Tools to every  Amazon seller large or small, you will not regret it!

Flavio Scotto

This is the best PPC tool I've tried so far. They go deep in every aspect of PPC and they managed to create a fully automated system. This saves me a few hours a week of optimization. The layout is perfect: easy to understand and to see all the stats. You can't ask for more.

Calin Domuta

Sales improved by 48.5% YOY for the month of December, which is good in and off itself.  My margin improved by 12%.. 9 points of that was due to a decrease in PPC spend, 3 due to mix changes. The improvement in PPC was totally due to turning over my management to Zon.Tools

Susan Anne

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