The Organic Advantage: Boost Your Rank and Conversions on Amazon

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Join Clayton Atchison (General Manager, PixelMe) and Tim Jordan (Carbon6) on April 25 at 2PM ET for an exclusive webinar that will revolutionize your approach to selling on Amazon!

Learn how to:

  • Optimize your listings for maximum visibility
  • Select the right keywords for your products
  • Create compelling product descriptions that convert
  • Drive external traffic from social media (including TikTok) and Google ads to your Amazon listings
  • And more!

Register today to claim your spot and learn all about the organic advantage!

Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon inventory management expert and the
Co-Founder/CEO of
, a leading Amazon inventory management software. She is an experienced Amazon seller,
speaker, and consultant specializing in profit-focused inventory
systems and whose clients include seven- and eight-figure sellers.

Vanessa Hung

Vanessa Hung has been transforming Amazon businesses since 2017.
As Founder and CEO of Online Seller Solutions, and a Community Ambassador for Carbon6, she specializes in helping sellers navigate
their Seller Central issues and manage catalogs, inventory, and
account health.