5 Campaign Info pages of EPB campaigns

You can use these campaign info pages to retrieve campaign data

To assess your campaign's performance as well as tweaking several indicators, you need to be at your Campaign Info of your campaign:

From login, follow the breadcrumbs to reach PGN level:

Amazon Seller > Ads > Sponsored Product > Product Group Network

  • Click any of the 6 kinds of Campaign Info.
  • For Exact, Phrase and Broad campaigns, the Campaign Info pages are:  
    (1) Metrics (2) Customer Search Terms (3) Products
    (4) Ad Groups and (5) Keywords  

5 kinds of Campaign Info

  1. Metrics campaign info  
  2. When you click Metrics, it brings you to the Campaign Info page that shows you the 14 key campaign statistics/metrics.
  3. This is where you find your CPC and CR7 which you're setting up your rules using Rules Wizard.
Metrics tab on Campaign Info page
  1. Budget
  2. Spend
  3. Clicks
  4. Impressions
  5. CTR
  6. CPC
  7. Max. Spend
  8. Max. ACoS
  9. Sales
  10. Orders
  11. Profit
  12. CR (%)
  13. ACoS (%)
  14. RoAS
  15. Customer Search Terms campaign info  
  16. Clicking Customer Search Terms brings you to the Campaign Info that shows you a list of the words or phrases Amazon shoppers use to search for advertised product or products.
Campaign Info for EPB : Customer Search Term
  1. This campaign info page covers 11 campaign stats significant to customer search terms.
  2. Ad Group Name
  3. Target
  4. Search Term
  5. Impressions
  6. Clicks
  7. CTR (%)
  8. CPC ($)
  9. Spend ($)
  10. Orders
  11. Sales
  12. Profit
  13. Products campaign info  
  14. Click Products and you are brought to the campaign Info where you can find all the SKUs for this particular PGN campaign.
Products tab of Campaign Info page via PGN
  1. Other stats are provided.
  2. SKU
  3. ASIN
  4. Impressions
  5. Clicks
  6. Spend
  7. Orders
  8. Sales
  9. ACoS
  10. RoAS
  11. CPC
  12. CR
  13. Ad Groups campaign info
  14. From the Ad Groups campaign info you can change your default bid, campaign status (enabled or paused) or rename the campaign/PGN.
Ad Groups tab of Campaign Info via PGN
  1. At the end of the table, click the 3-dots Action button.
  2. A dropdown list opens showing you options: (1) Add SKUs, (2) Add Keyword/Target, (3) Add Negative Keyword/Target, (4) Edit, (5) Archive
Change Ad Groups
  1. For this discussion we choose Edit but as shown above, there are other options.
  2. Click Edit.
    The Edit modal appears and your options include:
  3. (1) Choosing either Enabled or Pause
    (2) Changing your Default Bid value
    (3) Renaming the PGN/Campaign  
  4. Make your edits and click Save.

Keywords campaign info

  1. The Keywords campaign info is where you can locate all of the keywords you have for this specific PGN and for this specific campaign type. In this discussion, we choose the Exact campaign.
  2. Below is a list of all the campaign data found on Keywords.
Keywords campaign info
  1. Active
  2. Keyword
  3. Match Type
  4. Status
  5. Bids
  6. Impressions
  7. Clicks
  8. Spend
  9. Orders
  10. Sales
  11. ACoS
  12. RoAS
  13. CPC
  14. CR
  15. Similar to the Ad groups campaign info, Keywords also has an action button built in where you can choose Edit to change: (1) bid  (2) campaign status.
Edit | Archive on Keyword campaign info
  1. Click the 3-dots Action button.
  2. A dropdown list opens showing you options: (1) Edit (2) Archive  
  3. Click Edit.
    The Edit modal appears and your options include.  

  1. Make your changes and click Save.
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