Adding another Amazon account

You can add more than one Amazon account to manage your PPC campaigns using ZonTools.

When you have more than one Amazon account and want to manage their PPC campaigns, you can add/link them to ZonTools.  

For this video and steps, we are using the Amazon Seller account as an example.

To Add an Amazon account (Amazon Seller/Merchant) to ZonTools:

Step 1
Choose the Amazon account you want to add

  1. At the bottom of the Menu (left pane), click '+' (plus button).
  2. Another way is to click '+ ' found at the top right corner (beside the box icon).
  3. On Add Accounts, choose which type of Amazon account (Amazon Seller or Amazon Merchant) you wish to add.

This brings you to the Cart Subscription page, which shows the different ZonTools pricing/subscription schemes available.


Step 2
Allow access to your Amazon account

  1. At Cart Subscription, choose your ZonTools subscription plan, and click Add to Cart.
    You are then directed to connect this account to your Amazon Seller Central.
  2. At Connect with your Seller Central, click Allow Amazon Advertising.
    This takes you back to the Amazon login page/Registration process.
  3. a. Amazon login:  Sign in with your Amazon credentials.
  4. b. ZonTools Registration page:  

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