Adding products for ad campaigns in platforms other than Amazon (Off-Amazon)

You can now add products that you want advertised in Google/Facebook campaigns.

With ZonTools ver2.0, sellers can now run PPC ad campaigns in platforms other than Amazon. Since these ad campaigns are shown outside of Amazon, we have called this advertising feature, Off-Amazon.

So far, this feature works well on Google Facebook TikTok Instagram. You can get this done by going to the bottom of the left vertical bar, you will find the Off-Amazon button.    

  • Pre-requisites:
  • 1. You completed linking the other platforms to your ZonTools account.
  • 2. You completed uploading or publishing your product. Your product has a specific URL.
  • After login, there are two ways to reach the + Add New Product page, choose any of the following breadcrumbs below:
  • 1.  ZonTools  >  Off Amazon  >  Dashboard  >  Product  >  + Add New Product
    2. ZonTools  >  Off Amazon  >  Create Campaign  >  Google Ads  >  Products > + Add New Product

On the Add Amazon Product popup that appears, below are the steps on how you can add these products.

Step 1
Provide your product's URL  

Enter the URL of your product. and click Search.

Another Add Amazon Product popup appears. This time its a form asking for details of your specific product.

Step 2
Fill in the form and enter more product details

Enter your product data, and click Add Product.

  • Product image
  • Product  URL
  • Product  name
  • Marketplace
  • ASIN
  • Price by unit
  • Net margin by unit
  • Amazon Search Ranking
  • After providing all the required unique product data, click Amazon Seller.
  • You are brought to the Products page. This page includes a table  showing you all the products you've created previously.  The table has the following metrics:

         1. ASIN
         2. Impressions

         3. Clicks

         4. Total Cost

         5. Purchases

         6. Revenue

         7. ROAS

         8. ACoS

  • On the last column labeled Action, hover your mouse on the three-dots (also known as kebab menu), and click Details.
    This allows you to Edit or Delete the product.

Step 3
Option 1. Edit product details.

  • Click Edit, and the Edit Product page appears.
  • You can start making changes on the following parameters:

         1.  Product Name

         2. Net margin by unit

         3.  Amazon Search Ranking

  • Click Save Changes.


  1. The Amazon Search Ranking is predictive. When you enter keywords or search terms, it will show you the subsequent ranking on Amazon.
  2. Two product data that are not editable: your product's URL and ASIN.

Step 3
Option 2. Delete your product details.

  • Click Delete, and the Delete Product popup appears.
  • Click Yes, delete it.

*** Click Amazon Seller