AIO DRAFT Bulk add existing Keywords to your PGN


Another action you can take is that you can simply add the same term you selected earlier. You can add them as keywords to existing PGNs if you want to.

Why would you need to do this?

Let’s say you have a relevancy trigger of 2 on a PGN and periodically, once a week you might want to go inside the PGN custom search term report.

You might want to filter all the custom search terms that have ACoS within your threshold but have only one sale, and you might want to go one by one to figure out which one you want to manually mine in order to speed up the learning process of the machine.

So you’ll tick your boxes from here, click Add New.

Add those terms as keywords and simply select the PGN. Then, save.

We will add those terms as keywords the as usual, which is as Broad Phrase, Exact Matches in the Broad, Phrase, Exact campaign as well as Phrase Negative in the Broad campaign as well as Exact Negative in the Phrase campaign.

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