AIO DRAFT Bulk Add negative Keywords to your PGN


The last step of this functionality is to add terms as negatives.

In order to add a term as negative, I’m going to simply run a different search.

  1. Click the Reset button.
  2. I’m going to reset this search.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Conduct a new search.
  5. For example: I’m going to search afresh This time I opt to find some.
  6. We’re looking for any term that received less than one order.
  7. We search under Order 7 with a value that is lower than one.
  8. Assuming I’m selling this item for maybe $10, Ad Spend is greater than $9. I’ll look at everything less than one order, which is zero orders and opt to spend more than $9 which is $9.1 or anything. I’ll simply search advanced.
  9. Search results appear.
  10. We’ve got a lot of terms.Those, in my opinion, should be negated. Those are the terms that didn’t generate any sales but already cost you more than what you’re selling your products for, assuming you’re selling for $10. You want to get rid of these as soon as possible.
  11. And of course, if you’re running a PGN, we do this for you. But, if you’re not running a PGN or if you’re moving data, moving intelligence from non-PGNs to a PGN, you might want to do it manually.
  12. I single out all the terms with zero sales or more than $10 spend or $9 spend.
  13. I’ll select all of them and go to Add New.
  14. I want to add them to the PGN that I might just have created, in order not to spend again on them and to prevent the machine from wasting money once more on these terms.

Since I already have intelligence from my previous experience with these terms. I’ll go here (Negative Keywords). I’ll select whatever PGN I want to add them to. As you see, there again, we auto-populate this field over here as I showed you earlier.

Now, we allow you to choose  Phrase or Exact. In this specific case I’ll definitely simply use the Negative Exact match and  save.

And we’ll push those negative terms across all the ecosystem of the specific PGN which in this case is ‘Banana Slicer’.