All about Migration

Migration Process

Migration is designed to take from 1 to 3 days depending on your account size.  Migration entails transferring your data from ver1.0 to ver2.0.

During the migration process, you’ll not be able to access your ver1.0 dashboard. Once migration is completed we notify you, and you gain access to ver2.0

Which data is migrated?

From each ZonTools account, during migration these are all the data that are being transferred from ver1.0 to ver2.0:

  • Brand
  • PGN
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Keyword
  • Target
  • Product Ad
  • All Report
  • Rule Templates
  • Subscriptions information (Plan, Payment details, etc)

Migration Flow

  1. The Development Team sends a form to you asking you to: (a) identify and confirm all your marketplaces and active subscriptions in Zon.Tools ver1.0 as well as (b) seek your agreement to have your data moved from ver1.0 to ver2.0.
  2. After receiving your approval and your confirmation on marketplaces and active subscriptions, the Development Team stops your subscription on Zon.Tools ver1.0.
  3. Consequently, you lose access to your account.
  4. The Development Team kicks off the migration process by initiating the migration script to transfer all your data to Zon.Tools ver2.0. This is Day 1. Wait for Day 3 for the complete transfer of your data to the new platform.
  5. On Day 3 after migration is completed, the Development Team notifies you the successful data transfer and gives you back your account on ver2.0. You receive an email telling you to change your password and resume access to your account.


To get you up to speed and become familiar immediately with ver2.0, the Customer Success Team encourages you to book an onboarding call. You get a walkthrough and a chance to voice out your concerns, if any.

To book the call, click here.