Amazon Merchants: Adding an MBA Manager account

If you have an MBA account, and have plans to run ads in more than one country, follow these steps to successfully register with ZonTools.

Currently, the way ZonTools works with Merchant by Amazon (MBA) is that you need a MBA Manager account for each country where you plan to launch your ads.  So if you are planning to sell and advertise in three countries, then you need to create three different MBA Manager accounts on Amazon.  


You've created an MBA Manager account ideally before you register with ZonTools. But if you want to advertise in other countries (add more countries), then follow the steps below.

To add an MBA Manager account on Amazon

Step 1
Login on Amazon

On, login your credentials.  

Step 2
Choose the country where you want to launch your ads in.

On the upper left pane, choose your target country and click Advertise on Amazon.

Here, we choose the United States.
This brings you to the Campaigns dashboard.

Step 3
Create an MBA Manager account

  • At the top bar, on right corner, click the drop-down arrow that has your Merch by Amazon name and country. This opens your Manager Accounts.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list, and click Manage your accounts.


  • Click Manager Accounts.
  • Click Create Manager account.
  • This takes you to the New manager account page.

Step 4
Fill up the New Manager account form

  • Enter the Account name.
  • For the Account type, choose either as Advertiser or Agency.
  • Scroll down to Links accounts.
    You can see your Sponsored ads and DSP advertisers accounts.
  • On the left pane, under Your accounts, choose the country you want to advertise in, and click Add.
  • The selected account name then appears on the right pane, Sponsored Ads.

Step 5
Assign as Editor the MBA Manager account

Assign permissions to the selected account. You have two options. Editor or Viewer. For your needs, you must choose Editor.

Step 6
Save all details and account settings

Go to the top right corner and click Create Manager Account.

Done. :)