Amazon SP-API is Replacing MWS: What You Need to Know

Amazon SP API will fully replace MWS by the end of 2022, and vendors should be prepared to take advantage of the API’s features. The automation and integration opportunities, coupled with increased privacy protection, should be a huge boost to businesses that sell on Amazon and want to stay competitive in the age of digital transformation.

Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) is the new API that is planned to replace the older Amazon MWS API (Amazon Marketplace Web Service API).

API stands for Application Programming Interface. The Amazon SP-API lets app developers, like Supplier Scout, get automated data from Amazon and thanks to that deliver instant results on your searches and help you automate your business.

All of the different functionalities that are part of the MWS API are also included in the SP-API. Of course, the new SP-API provides added capabilities.

In order for Supplier Scout to continue working without any issues and provide the highest quality service for the users - every user needs to reconnect their Amazon seller account to the new API. That will allow for smooth performance of Supplier Scout.

Please follow the steps from below video in order to update your account to new API:

Click here to migrate to the new API.