Automating your existing campaigns (non-PGN campaigns)

This feature allows users to automate existing campaigns.

The ad campaigns you created in your Amazon Seller Central account were primarily designed to conform with the Amazon system. When you sign-up on ZonTools, these campaigns neither changed their structure miraculously nor do they become instantly automated.

Since these non-PGN campaigns already existed within the Amazon ecosystem, they are (1) recognized by Amazon, (2) have built impressions, (3)  and have attracted clicks. As such, they are of value, and should not be archived right away upon ZonTools sign-up.  These aged campaigns need only to transition into our PGN design (as they are structured differently) to have the benefit of being detected and governed by our automation engines.

In the video, we automated existing campaigns from Sponsored Product (SP) but you can do the same set of steps for Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display.  

To automate non-PGN campaigns:

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Sponsored Product  > Campaign

  • On your Sponsored Products page, under the Campaign tab, you will see all your ongoing campaigns.
  • This action is also applicable to Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands.
  • For this video, we choose Sponsored Product.

Step 1.
Choose campaign/s you wish to automate

  1. Scroll down and tick off the checkbox of your chosen campaign/s on the left of the table.
  2. Click Automate Campaign.

The Automate Campaign modal appears. This handles all the rules or thresholds you want implemented in your specific campaign/s.

How do I spot which campaign is in manual mode and is still not automated?

At the Campaigns level, you’ll see the UNSET under the Rule Name column.

This photo shows 3 campaigns which are still not automated.

For a detailed discussion, check out: How can I check which existing campaign is still in manual mode?

Step 2.
Enter all 7 campaign rules

  1. Under Product Group Rules, enter values for 7 rules.
  2. Target Max. ACoS (%)
  3. Relevancy Sales
  4. Min. Action Clicks (#)
  5. Max. Keyword Spends ($)
  6. Change Rate % (change rate percentage)
  7. Min. Bid  ($)
  8. Max. Bid ($)
  9. To properly compute rules for your campaign, we highly suggest to use the suggested calculations by the Rules Wizard:  Computing your Rules with Rules Wizard.
  10. Click Automate Now.

2 Ways for you to define these 7 rules/thresholds:

Option 1.
Use Rules Wizard
Use this feature if you wish to be guided on how to go about obtaining values for these rules.

Rules Wizard appears to help you calculate the rules. But it does

so only after you have entered all the required metrics of your campaign.

  • Click Open Rules Wizard.
  • Enter the relevant metrics.
  • Click Apply.

Find the detailed step-by-step computation of the relevant metrics, go here.      

Option 2.  
Use Rule Template
Use this feature if you have established and labeled a set of rules as your rules template

  • Click Rule Template.
  • Choose which rules template you wish to use, and click Apply.

For a detailed discussion, check out: Using Rule Template

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