Duplicate Rules using Rules Template (creating a rules template)

Users can now re-use existing campaign rules as templates for creating PGN, automating campaigns and implementing bulk action.

This is a neat feature as it is another shortcut. You need not go over each and every required metric to implement the same rules in your other campaigns.

  • The feature Rule Template treats your 7 rules or thresholds as a set or a bunch, and not as individual rules.  When a rules template is named in the Create Rule[s] Template modal, it means this particular set of thresholds are the ones you want to copy-paste and implement in another PGN or campaign.  
  • With a rules template you access a set of rules used previously in other campaigns or PGNs, and make them available for copying and implementation to other campaigns or PGNs.
  • As a rule of thumb, users often re-use campaign rules that worked best, or were they found success. Thus, before using this feature, you need to first identify which campaigns/PGNs have been successful.

After you create your rules templates, you can use them in two ways:

  1. Creating a PGN
  2. Automating Campaigns

Aside from the Rule [Template] Name, the 7 thresholds or Rules covered in Rule Template are:

  1. Target Max ACoS (%)
  2. Relevancy Sales
  3. Min. Action Clicks
  4. Max. Keyword Spends ($)
  5. Change Rate (%)
  6. Max. Bid ($)
  7. Min. Bid ($)


When naming your rules templates, be mindful to have a file-naming convention that is intuitive and systematic. When your rules templates are systematic, it becomes easier for you to access and use them for PGN creation or automating campaigns. Example: Rules [product name] [SKU]

Video Link: Using Rule Template

To copy existing campaign rules/thresholds for re-use on other campaigns/PGNs:

From login, follow these breadcrumbs to reach the Rule Template page/window:

Amazon Seller  >  Ads  >  Rule Template

Step 1
Review your existing Rules

On the Rule Template table:

  1. Scroll through the table, and choose the rule you want copied.
  2. Note:
  3. It is best that the set of rules you ought to be considering good enough for copying has a previous performance (campaigns/PGN) of being successful.
  4. Click Create Rule[s] [Template].

The Create Rule[s] Template modal appears.


If you want to refresh your memory on how to define these 7 rules, see Compute for Rules using Rules Wizard. Or you can click the tooltips at the right end of the data field for their definitions to popup.

Step 2
Keep the rules template for later use

On the Create Rule[s] Template modal, to save the rules template, click Submit.

A popup appears confirming that you have successfully created your rules template.

Your rules template is now ready to be applied to your specific campaigns/PGNs when you are implementing:

  1. Creating a PGN
  2. Automating Campaigns

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