Edit your PGN: Adding Negative Keywords/Targets

You can easily add multiple keywords, negative keywords, negative targets or target ASINs to your campaigns and PGN.

From your Campaign Info page, you can edit your campaigns in your PGN:

  • Add SKUs
  • Add Keywords
  • Add Target ASINs
  • Add Negatives (keywords, search terms, ASINs).

To add negative keywords/targets to your PGN:

From login, please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller > Ads > Sponsored Product

Step 1
Choose your specific PGN

From the Sponsored Product page, you have both Campaign and PGN tabs.

  1. Click PGN.
  2. This brings you to a table showing either all PGN campaigns.
  3. Go to the specific PGN you want changed.
  4. Click the specific Campaign Type you want changed.
  5. For example: On the video, we clicked the E button (for Exact campaign type).
  6. The Campaigns Info page appears.

Step 2
Choose how you want to edit your PGN

  1. From Campaign Info, you have a list of editing actions you can use on your specific PGN. You have 5 options:
  2. Add SKUs
  3. Add Keyword/Target
  4. Add Negative Keyword//Target
  5. Edit
  6. Archived
  7. Click Add Negative Keyword/Target.

Step 3
Add Negative Keywords/Targets  

  1. On the top right corner, click Negative Keyword/Target.
  2. You will see a table of all the negative keywords/targets used by this campaign type, for this specific campaign/PGN.  
  3. Scroll up to the top right corner. Go to the triple dot button, and click Add Negative Keyword/Target.
    The Add Negative Keyword/Target modal appears.
  4. Click Match type (Negative Exact/Phrase) or Add Negatives. .
  5. Enter the negatives you want added, and click Add.
  6. Note:
  7. Make sure to add one negative/set of negatives per line.
  8. Alternatively, you can opt to upload a CSV file instead of entering each negative, if you have one ready. Drag-and-drop or click the CSV file from your device/storage.  

A popup appears saying you have successfully added the negative keywords/targets.

Option 3 :  Adding SKUs

1. Click Add SKUs.

2. Choose where you'll add your new SKUs (Campaign/PGN)

4. Next is look for the Campaign/PGN where you'll add the SKUs and click on the 3 Dots, and choose "Add SKUs"

5. The "Add SKUs" window will pop up and give you the list of SKUs you have within your catalog, just simply click on the "Add" button of the choose SKU you'll be adding (**Note: You still have the option to add the SKUs manually if you wish to do it that way)

6. After adding the SKUs, simply click on submit and your SKUs will be added to your campaign or PGN you've chosen.


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