Editing your PGN Campaigns

Editing an existing campaign

There are many ways you can edit your campaigns.

  1. As new users need to transition their existing campaigns to become automated campaigns, ZonTools ver2.0 has added the shortcut Automate Campaign tab.  
  2. Two other edit shortcuts: Bulk Action and Sync with Amazon.
  3. Common changes are centralized into 5 commands.
  4. Add SKUs
  5. Add Keyword/Target
  6. Add Negative Keyword/Target
  7. Edit
  8. Archived    

To edit your campaigns:

Login as an Amazon Seller, and please follow the breadcrumbs:

Amazon Seller  > Ads  >  Sponsored Product  

The default dashboard for Sponsored Products is Campaigns.


3 Shortcut Commands

Scroll down to the Campaign tab.

You have three shortcut commands on your top right corner:

  1. Bulk Action
  2. Automate Campaign
  3. Sync with Amazon
  4. Click any of these three tabs to edit your campaigns.
    These are shortcuts as you can effect changes not only on one single campaign but across campaigns.


The Automation & Optimization Collection has separate articles with detailed step by  step instructions of these shortcut commands. Click the bullets above as they have hyperlinks.

5 Action Commands

Or, you can bring your mouse to the Action column at the far right of the table.

Click the three-dotted menu to see 5 other options on editing your campaigns.  

Option 1: Edit

You take the Edit option when you want to change any of the following:

  1. Name
  2. Bidding Strategy: Dynamic Bids, Fixed Bids
  3. Start Date
  4. End Date
    (add or not)
  5. State Status: Enabled, Paused
  6. Budget
    (increase or decrease)
  7. Top of Search Page Placement
  8. (increase or decrease)
  9. Product Pages Placement
  • Enter the changes you want, and click Save Edit.  

Option 2: Archived

When you click Archived, you won't be able to retrieve the campaigns or any data on it. Archived entities can be considered deleted as changes are irreversible.  

Option 3: Add SKUs, Add Keyword/Target, Add Negative Keyword/Target

For these three common edits, you may go to this article, Adding Keywords, Targets and Negatives.