FAQ: Do you recommend starting fresh with new PGNs and discontinue my existing campaigns?

Should users kill their existing ad campaigns and start fresh with new PGNs? Learn the steps and avoid pitfalls.


If you have existing campaigns (non-PGN campaigns), we don't recommend creating PGN campaigns at the onset.  ZonTools recommends to  transition into PGN campaigns to allow the SKUs to age.  Why?

  • Jumping directly to creating PGN campaigns would shock the Amazon system causing your products to not get impressions and clicks.
  • Note:  
  • Non-PGN campaigns  - Campaigns created in Amazon Central and not in ZonTools; as such these campaigns don't have the benefit of automation and PGN strategies
  • Before automating non-PGN campaigns and creating a new PGN:
  • Conduct a solid keyword research.
  • Copy your well-performing Keywords and Search Terms. Keep them aside and use them when you create your PGN.
  • Optimize your product listing and back-end keywords (Themes and subtopics data fields). Ensure these well-performing Keywords and Search Terms are found in your product listing.

To gradually transition your non-PGN campaigns:

  1. Automate your existing campaigns (non-PGN campaigns)
  2. Automating your existing campaigns (non-PGN campaigns)
  3. Howto automate existing Campaigns (ZonTools v1.0)
  4. PGN Creation
  5. Study the PGN creation wizard and gather all the key campaign metrics you need to set up your PGN.
  6. Determine your desired campaign parameters.
  7. Ensure your new PGN is bidding just a bit higher than your aged campaign.
  8. Monitor your PGN and existing campaigns
  9. From Day 1 to 5
    Let your new PGN run for 5 days. Running it for 5 days would not be enough to generate metrics but 5 days would allow your PGN to show up and age gradually.
  10. Let's allow Amazon to detect your keywords and targets.  
  11. During this first few days do not expect any changes in your campaign metrics.  
  12. From Day 6 to 10
  13. When the PGN starts showing:
  14. Gradually decrease the Max. Bid. of your old campaign.
    Having a daily reduction of 10% on your Max. Bid should be fine.
  15. Allow your new PGN to run as is, no changes, to attract impressions and clicks.
  16. After Day 10
  17. Reassess your PGN. Check your stats: impression, clicks or sales. Are they better?By Day 10, at this initial stage, the PGN is "alive". The SKU is getting associated with the keywords submitted during PGN creation.  Your PGN is expected to bring most of the impressions or clicks.
  18. Day 11 to 21
  19. You can now safely shift the ad spend from the old campaign to the new PGN. The shift is done gradually to avoid shocking the Amazon system, as well  as you allowing Amazon time to associate your SKU with the new set of keywords, and build relevancy coming from your new PGN.
  20. Keep decreasing the daily 10% Max. Bid of your old campaign for 10 days (from Day 11 to Day 21).
  21. Keep your PGN as is. Do not implement any changes.
  1. Day 22 onwards
    Review your PGN.  
  2. When all the key metrics are looking fine, then Pause your old campaigns.
  3. If you have questions and need to clarify, get in touch with the Support team and book an onboarding session/campaign set-up.

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